State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Cheats


State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Cheats


State of Decay Cheats


  • Avatar Awards

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Shark Hoodie Train another enclave at your dojo.
    Swine and Bovine Mask Build an outpost in a Swine & Bovine.
    Zombie Mask Visit the cabins by Tanner Lake.

Special Zombie Gamerpics

Unlockable How to Unlock
Feral Gamerpic Kill a Feral zombie-type
Juggernaut Gamerpic Kill a Juggernaut zombie-type

Easy, Early Cardio Stat Grinding!

At the start of a new game, head to the Ranger Station until you’re in the “Safe Zone” (aka that circle on the map where zombies cannot spawn/respawn). Once in the parking lot of the Ranger Station, either run to the left or to the right while turning the camera in the direction you’re running. When stamina is depleted, stop and rest till it fills back up. Repeat and watch the Cardio levels rise!

This will take a while, but seeing as the opening section of the game doesn’t have any zombies worse than the normal ones (plus day cycles don’t occur till AFTER you get to the church) this is a great time to build up this particular stat, thus giving you a heads up seeing as how important stamina is for such things as running, climbing walls, and melee fighting.

Exceeding the maximum number of outposts (Pre-Patch)

If you move to a large home base (County Fair, or Snyder Truck Warehouse) with 8 outposts, you can set them all up around whatever base you plan to move to before you actually move. If you’re moving into a base with a low maximum outpost count (usually for scavenging reasons) just make sure you have all 8 in place where you want them before you move, and then move to a place with a lower maximum outpost count. You will still have all 8 outposts!