Crazy Chicken: Director's Cut 3D Cheats


Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D Cheats


Get Sci-fi scenario

The Sci-fi scenario counts with a lot of references to Planet of the Apes, Men in Black, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. but when you play for the first time you can’t play in it.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Sci-fi scenario Complete 1 turn at Horror scenario

Some tricks

These are some tricks to get the trophies in the game.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Cleaning Clean the kitchen shooting the things in the table
Finders keepers Find some extra bullets: There are some behind a pillar in the horror scenario. These are in the chicken
God bless you Shoot the 3 candles at the Exorcist room, the cross and the moose
Green and ugly Beat Frankestein: Use the electric lever and then shoot him
It’s dead Freeze the computer with the central button
No escape Kill the 3 Star Trek chickens before they dissapear.
Occult gems Found the 4 gems at the pillars
Something hard Beat the mecha using the left red button
To the stars Complete the dimensional gate puzzle: Left – Left, Right – Left, Right, Up -Left, Right, Up, Down