Stonefly Cheats and Tips


Stonefly Cheats and Tips


What Is Stonefly? (Stonefly Cheats and Tips)

Stonefly is an action-adventure game with a rather interesting premise. In short, its setting has humans traveling about a huge ecosystems with huge bugs while using insect-shaped mechs of their own. As such, Stonefly has a couple of focuses, with one being exploration and the other being combat.

What Are Some Tips for Stonefly?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Grab Resources (Stonefly Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals should grab resources whenever and wherever the chance comes up. This can be something of a hassle. However, interested individuals grabbing resources now means a reduced need for interested individuals to grab resources in the future. Something that can be very important if they want to make their ride as cool as it can be.

Don’t Expect to Kill Enemies (Stonefly Cheats and Tips)

Stonefly is one of those games with something to say. Thanks to this, interested individuals shouldn’t expect to be killing hostile bugs left and there. Instead, their goal during combat will be stunning hostile bugs before pushing them off of platforms. Having said that, interested individuals should expect various bugs to come at them with various methods. For example, some will shoot slime. In contrast, others will have stingers. As such, if interested individuals haven’t seen a particular bug before, it can be a good idea for them to adopt a cautious stance until they have figured everything out.

This is particularly true when they run into bosses. Generally speaking, the best approach to a boss would be observing them to figure out their patterns. After which, interested individuals can devise an attack pattern that will enable them to do a steady amount of damage without being damaged in the process. In this as in other things, their mech has limited toughness, meaning that a head-to-head slugging match is a very bad idea.

Use Different Methods on Different Enemies

Players can expect to pick up new capabilities for their mech over time. Naturally, they should use these different capabilities to tackle different enemies. Sometimes, they might have to wear down an enemy’s armor until going in for the actual push. Other times, they might want to slow down an enemy to put them in a more convenient position. Whatever the case, some experimentation will enable interested individuals to figure out their favorite tricks.

Plan Your Movements (Stonefly Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, interested individuals should put some thought into their movements. After all, they don’t want to wind up in the gaping abyss that exists between different areas of the game. Granted, restarting won’t take up too much time. However, it will still take up some time in the process. In any case, movement in Stonefly follows some pretty simple and intuitive rules. For starters, air travel is fast while land travel is slow. As a result, most people are going to want to spend as much time in the air as possible for the most enjoyable way to move about. However, they need to remember that they will be falling towards the ground the entire time, meaning that they need to keep a watchful eye for a couple of things. One would be places where they can land in a safe manner. Another would be air currents that can provide them with some extra air-time.