Legna Tactica Cheats


Legna Tactica Cheats


New Game+

In addition to Hard Mode Being Unlocked, The following are carried over between playthroughs:

Skill Trees: All Skill Trees as they were at the time you clear the game will be carried over to the next playthrough intact.
Proficiency Points: Any leftover proficiency points a character had at the end of the previous playthrough will be retained for the next. This include characters who leave your party before you beat the game.
Gold: The Gold you had when you beat the game will be added to your Gold in the next once you’re able to access the World Map (after first few battles).

Note that if you start a new playthrough but save over a New Game+ file you will lose these perks but Hard Mode will remain unlocked.

New Game+ Melissa Early Map Farming

Melissa’s Random Firing Skill allows her to hit enemies in a 7×7 grid. She joins the party early in the game. In a New Game+ you can use this skill of hers to farm EXP, Gold and the early Repeatable Quests simultaneously.

Even in single digit levels she will 1-shot all enemies with Random Firing and because of her speed, she will always go first. Set her in the front row, move her into position, position the AOE Marker over all foes and repeat as needed. Max Hunter’s Knowledge and she will have near-perfect accuracy. Do it enough times and you’ll unlock some titles that would take much longer fairly quickly. It also allows you to do the early easly Repeatable Quests at high enough levels with just her on the map when she will take 0 Damage or Evade everything (Level 25+).

Random Firing hits friend and foe alike so be mindful of who’s in the line of fire. I reccommend bringing another character while farming to rez her in case you accidently kill her while farming!