The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Cheats


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Cheats


Acquiring The Transformation Masks Early

Once you get access to Termina Field, it’s possible to do some sequence breaking. Walk up to the northern passage blocked by ice, Z-target the icicle from a distance, and jump to the right. If done correctly, Link will walk on the rocky outcropping adjacent to the ice. This gives you access to the Mountain Village, Goron Mask, and the Lens of Truth without having the Hero’s Bow. Once you have the Goron Mask, head for the Great Bay. There’s a fence blocking the path that normally requires Epona to get over, but you can use boost damage instead. Lure a ChuChu from the nearby patch of grass in Termina Field to the fence. Switch to Goron form and use his ground pound jump.

If timed correctly, the ChuChu will hit you at the apex of the jump, triggering Link’s falling/damage animation and giving you enough height to clear the fence. You’ll get the Zora Mask shortly afterward. If you’re stocked up on Deku Nuts, you can also go to the Pirates’ Fortress and obtain the Hookshot; use the nuts to stun the guards, and use Zora Link’s boomerang fins to trigger the beehive and clear the treasure room. If you have some spare Deku Sticks and Bombs afterward, you’ll have everything needed to complete the Oceanside Spider House, which nets you the Giant Wallet much earlier than normal. Thus you have access to all three major transformations in the game and a few great items before even setting foot in a temple.

NEW Fierce Deity Anywhere

Put any mask on the item buttons. Then, go in 1st person. While in 1st person, go in the mask menu and move Fierce Deity’s Mask onto the existing mask (the one you used for this glitch). Finally, very quickly, press L and the button that Fierce Deity’s Mask is on at the same time.

Use Restricted Items

This glitch allows you to use any item that is normally blanked out, with any form of Link. It’s fairly easy to do, too. Start by putting a bottle on either X or Y, then enter first-person view. Now go to your Items or Masks subscreen while still in first-person view and replace the bottle with an item of your choice. Exit the subscreen and while still in first-person, hold one finger over B and one over X or Y (whichever you put the item on). Quickly press B and immediately press the button the item you want to use is on. If done correctly, you will use the item that is normally blanked out. It does not work for certain items with certain forms, however; you cannot take out a bow or hookshot, for example, with anyone but normal Link. This glitch is particularly fun because it can be used on the Fierce Deity mask, allowing him to be used at pretty much any location in the game!

Easy Clock Town Rupees

After you’ve regained Link’s Hylian form, go to the top of the East Clock Town stairs and do a rolling jump over gap between buildings at the Eastern Gate. Continue jumping close to the wall, using the decorative targets above the Honey & Darling’s Shop as makeshift platforms. Continue walking behind the Town Shooting Gallery sign until you reach a trunk containing a Silver Rupee. This treasure can be claimed once per time loop. Also, the targets above the Honey & Darling’s Shop will produce several Green Rupees if you shoot them with your items or Deku Link’s bubbles. This second trick resets every time the East Clock Town screen loads. On the Third Day, go into South Clock Town and look at the new festival tower. There will be a treasure chest containing a Purple Rupee at the very top, which can only be reached via Deku Link or the Hookshot. Obtaining it is slightly easier on the final night, after the carpenters have run away.

Free Milk

If you have a spare bottle, find a cow and play Epona’s Song. It’ll fill your bottle with milk in return. Note that this is just regular milk, not the rare Chateau Romani.

Great Fairy’s Sword Spin Attack

The Great Fairy’s Sword is the most powerful sword in the game. Its only weakness is that it can’t perform charged Spin Attacks using the usual controls. However, you can still do an uncharged Spin Attack with it by using a special input. You must rotate the control stick in a full circular motion, and press whatever button to which you’ve mapped the sword. This is will result in a large Spin Attack, but will not consume any of your magic meter.

Growing Magic Beans Without Bottled Water

Instead of searching for and bottling water to grow Magic Beans, simply play the Song of Storms. The rain will automatically water the Magic Beans, no bottle required.

Use The Blast Mask Without Taking Damage

When you use the Blast Mask, you normally take damage from the explosion. But if you hold the R button to keep your shield up beforehand, you’ll be unharmed. *Note: you cannot do this while locked onto an enemy, as you will be unable to detonate the mask while raising the shield.

Dancing ReDeads

If you’re having trouble with ReDeads, equip the Captain’s Hat, Garo’s Mask, or Gibdo Mask. Wearing any of these three will cause the ReDeads to start doing a variety of dances. They will not harm or notice you for as long as you have the mask on, even if you get close and attack them.

Despite his appearance, Goron Link is completely invincible to a couple of specific enemies. ReDeads can still see him, but are incapable of grabbing him; instead, they’ll recoil as if they’ve taken a hit and actually walk away from him. The carnivorous plants in Woodfall Temple are incapable of eating Goron Link due to his sheer size; they will attempt to, but will explode and turn into regular platforms instead.

Kill Takkuri Easily

Despite having high health, Takkuri can actually be killed. This must be done before he makes contact with Link and manages to steal something. To avoid being attacked, mount Epona or equip the Stone Mask; Takkuri won’t be able to touch you in either case. The fastest way to kill it is with any type of magic arrow, which takes only 6 hits instead of twice as many with the regular arrows or Hookshot. Killing Takkuri rewards you with a Huge Rupee, worth 200 Rupees. Since Takkuri respawns every time you enter Termina Field, you can earn hundreds of Rupees quickly by exiting/reentering via the Milk Road.

The Garo Master’s Weaknesses

The Garo Master is one of the tougher bosses in the game. However, it can be stunned for a few seconds if you manage to throw a Deku Nut onto its body. Also, Goron Link is especially strong against it; unlike his other forms, he doesn’t take extra damage from fire. Unlike Link’s shield, the Goron’s shell is completely invulnerable to the Garo Master’s attacks, no matter which direction they come from.

Mental Training Made Easy

Visit the Post Office in West Clock Town while The Postman is inside. You’ll find him doing his Mental Training, and he’ll challenge you to mini-game in which you have to press the A button after exactly ten seconds. Normally, the clock overhead disappears after three seconds, forcing you to guess the correct time. If you equip the Bunny Hood before speaking to The Postman, however, the clock will stay onscreen the entire time. That makes beating the Mental Training far easier.

Bomb Bag Upgrades

You can upgrade the Bomb Bag’s capacity by performing a couple of tasks.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Big Bomb Bag (30 Bombs) As a Hylian, stop Sakon from mugging the Bomb Shop Lady on the First Night. It’ll be for sale for 90 Rupees at the Bomb Shop.
Big Bomb Bag (30 Bombs) (Alternative) Alternatively, if Sakon succeeds in stealing the Big Bomb Bag, it goes on sale at the Curiosity Shop for 100 Rupees on Night 3.
Biggest Bomb Bag (40 Bombs) As a Goron, talk to the Business Scrub in Goron Village. Trade the Big Bomb Bag and 200 Rupees for the upgrade