Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Cheats


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions Cheats


Infinite Source of Coins

(Requires Hammer duo action [Mini])

Shrink Mario with a hammer, then switch to High Jump. Activate the High Jump, and have Mini-Mario jump while Luigi’s above him. (The timing’s a bit strict.) This will deal damage to Luigi, and give you some coins. However, if Luigi goes to low health, he’ll stop giving out coins.

This is easily infinite, as you can just use the free health block in Beanbean Castle Town (or other areas) to heal up fully once Luigi stops giving coins. Could be useful if you just want to stock up on a bunch of items.

Records Booth Rewards

You can access the eastern half of Beanbean Town after you finish the Chuckola Woods segment of the story. In the southwestern part of that section of town is a building – this is where the Information Booth was in the GBA version of the game.

For surpassing certain milestones in the game, the man there will award you various items, as below.

Item Location
1-Up Mushroom x6 Dodge 200 attacks successfully
1-Up Super x5 Fight 200 Battles
150 Coins Dodge 100 attacks successfully
Bean Master (badge: coins won in battle may become beans) Uncover 100% of all beans
Boo Biscuit x30 Flee from 10 battles
Daredevil Pants (gear for both bros.: boosts your Speed when you have no Badges equipped) Uncover 50% of all beans
Golden Mushroom x10 Dodge 800 attacks successfully
Gravity Shield (accessory: lowers damage received in Light-/Heavy-G statuses) Dodge 400 attacks successfully
Nut x3 Defeat 100 Enemies
Quick Collector (accessory: get more items in battle for winning fast) Defeat 200 Enemies
Recording for the Music Player Fight 400 Battles
Recording for the Music Player Defeat 400 Enemies
Recording for the Music Player Uncover 20% of all beans
Recording for the Music Player Find 50% of all ? Blocks
Rescue Suit (gear for both bros.: halves HP, boosts other stats) Defeat 800 Enemies
Risky Excellence (accessory: boosts strength but you’re hurt if you don’t get “Excellent!”) Get “Excellent!” on 1,000 attacks
Super Mushroom x3 Find 20% of all ? Blocks
Super Nut x3 Get “Excellent!” on 650 attacks
Super Switch (accessory: swaps your Power and Speed stats) Find 100% of all ? Blocks
Super Syrup x4 Get “Excellent!” on 300 attacks
Syrup x8 Get “Excellent!” on 150 attacks
Ultra Mushroom x3 Fight 100 Battles

Starbeans Cafe Rewards

After the Beanbean Castle town is repaired, you can enter the northern building on the west side of town. There, you can take the various beans dug up from “X” marks on the ground (among other means) to make a number of drinks that increase your stats. In addition to this, every time you make a brand-new drink, you’ll get a particular award!

Item Location
Bonus Ring (don’t get hurt in battle to gain more EXP) Make 2 kinds of drinks
Cobalt Necktie(doubles your Stache points) Make 6 kinds of drinks
Excite Spring (hold the jump button to float on the defense) Make 3 kinds of drinks
GameBoy Horror SP (always obtain rare items from foes) Make all 7 kinds of drinks
Great Force (doubles damage given and taken) Make 4 kinds of drinks
Greed Wallet (boosts Coins won in battle) Make 1 kind of drink
Secret Specs (you can see hidden blocks) Make 5 kinds of drinks