Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Cheats


Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Cheats


Amiibo Paint Jobs

Below are the current Amiibo Paint Jobs in this game, whether or not they add more in the full game who knows. Any other Amiibo will give the “Skull” paint job. To use Amiibo to unlock these paint jobs: Select “Customize”, then “Paint Jobs”, then press Y and scan any of the Amiibo listed to unlock a new paint Job.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Bowser Jr. Paint Job Use the Bowser Jr. Amiibo
Bowser Paint Job Use any Bowser Amiibo
Floating Parasite Paint Job Use the Metroid Amiibo
Luigi Paint Job Use any Luigi Amiibo
Mario Paint Job Use any Mario Amiibo
Peach Paint Job Use any Peach Amiibo
Rosalina Paint Job Use any Rosalina Amiibo
Samus Paint Job Use the Samus Amiibo
Skull Paint Job Use any other Amiibo not on this list
Zero Suit Samus Paint Job Use the Zero Suit Samus Amiibo

Paint Job Unlock Conditions

The Paint Jobs are unlocked randomly each time you complete one of the unlock conditions. There is no way to know which Paint Job you will get for which condition. The 15 unlockable Paint Jobs are: Camouflage, Clover, Clubs, Diamonds, Fire, Flower, Hearts, Lightning, Polka Dot, Shark, Spades, Star, Kraid, Mother Brain and Ridley.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Paint Job #01 Scored within 5 Seconds
Paint Job #02 Scored 3 Goals in a Game
Paint Job #03 Scored 50 Goals
Paint Job #04 Performed 3 Assists in a Game
Paint Job #05 Performed 50 Assists
Paint Job #06 Performed 5 Blocks in a Game
Paint Job #07 Performed 100 Blocks
Paint Job #08 First Blast Ball Win
Paint Job #09 10 Blast Ball Wins
Paint Job #10 100 Blast Ball Wins
Paint Job #11 Win 7 Blast Ball Games in a Row
Paint Job #12 Beat a Challenge
Paint Job #13 Beat 10 Challenges
Paint Job #14 Ran over 10 km
Paint Job #15 Pushed Ball over 10 km