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Miitopia Cheats


Nintendo Fan Amiibo Unlocks

After beating two stages in Easin Hills, a Mii in a Mario costume called “Nintendo Fan” will ask if you have any Amiibo to show them. Show them certain Amiibo for either clothing or three game tickets. The Nintendo Fan will ONLY accept the figurine version of an Amiibo (ex. will accept the Isabelle Amiibo figure, NOT the Isabelle Amiibo card) You can show ANY version of the Amiibo to get their costume, but if you show another version of an Amiibo that gives you clothing you already have (ex. showing yarn Yoshi when you already shown smash Yoshi), you get 3 Game Tickets

Unlockable How to Unlock
3 Game Tickets Show any other Amiibo not listed.
Bowser Clothing Show a Bowser Amiibo
Callie Clothing Show a Callie Amiibo
Daisy Clothing Show a Daisy Amiibo
Donkey Kong Clothing Show a Donkey Kong Amiibo
Ganondorf Clothing Show a Ganondorf Amiibo
Inkling Boy Clothing Show an Inkling Boy Amiibo
Inkling Girl Clothing Show an Inkling Girl Amiibo
Isabelle Clothing Show an Isabelle Amiibo
K.K. Slider Clothing Show a K.K. Slider Amiibo
Kirby Clothing Show a Kirby Amiibo
Link Clothing Show a Link Amiibo
Luigi Clothing Show a Luigi Amiibo
Marie Clothing Show a Marie Amiibo
Mario Clothing Show a Mario Amiibo
Mr. Resetti Clothing Show a Mr. Resetti Amiibo
Ness Clothing Show a Ness Amiibo
Peach Clothing Show a Peach Amiibo
Rosalina Clothing Show a Rosalina Amiibo
Samus Clothing Show a Samus Amiibo
Sheik Clothing Show a Sheik Amiibo
Squid Clothing Show a Squid Amiibo
Toad Clothing Show a Toad Amiibo
Tom Nook Clothing Show a Tom Nook Amiibo
Yoshi Clothing Show a Yoshi Amiibo
Zelda Clothing Show a Zelda Amiibo
Zero Suit Samus Clothing Show a Zero Suit Samus Amiibo

Vampire Job

Once you unlock the Sky scraper Quest to start hunting for gems immediately go do the quest for the Cat person in the traveler’s hub. after completing the quest go back to the traveler’s hub and in the cat person’s place should be a vampire, if not? Talk to the cat person, do the scientist’s quest, complete it, come back to cat person and the vampire should be there.

Elf Job

To unlock the Elf job (Considered one of the best in the game) go to Galados Isle and head to the east-most point of the map until you reach a locked door. Now go to the nearest chest from the door. This area contains the tablet to open the door. Now open the door and go into the newly opened portal. To even stand the slightest chance in the forest… You must have a level 25 party and a very strategic plan. Make it through the forest and fight through the hoards of enemies (Having a cleric with righteous anger will make these fights easier). At the end you should reach the area where you finally get an Item that gives you the Elf job.