Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition Cheats


Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition Cheats



You can duplicate any item that’s possible to obtain four of. You go in your inventory with X and place one of the item you want to duplicate in the hot bar Place a stack of two or more in the inventory and place one next to it. Select the stack of at least two by pressing A. Then by using the arrow buttons move it over the stack of one. Press X and Y at the same time 2-6 times. Then it duplicates.

Infinite Seeds

In the dark [Without Sufficient Lighting], use a dirt block and hoe it / till it, making it a farmland block. Grab a seed [any kind, you only need one], and attempt to plant it.

Normally, what would happen is the seed should plant and immediently fall off, but they never made it so the seed gets placed in the first place, only it popping off, making another seed, and not getting rid of your first seed, efectively duplicating the seed.

You can hold the L button to spam this for as long as you’d like, as there is no limit.


If you name a vindicator “Johnny”, it will attack any mobs around him aside from other illagers and ghasts using an iron axe. This is in reference to the movie The Shining.

Renaming the vindicator spawn egg to “Johnny” does not produce the same effects.

Rainbow Sheep

If you name a sheep “jeb_” using a name tag or by renaming the sheep spawn egg, this will cause the sheep to cycle through all the available dye colors.

Upside-down player

If you go into the console’s system settings and change your name to Dinnerbone, your player in Minecraft will be upside-down, as if you used the name tag Dinnerbone on yourself.

Upside Down Tree and more

This secret is just cool, not really beneficial. First, you need an anvil, nametag, a lot of bone meal (like 20 to 40), and a sapling of any tree.

Next, name the nametag ‘Dinnerbone’. Next, name the bonemeal with it and grow the sapling with the bonemeal. The tree should grow upside down!

The cheat is cool because you can do this with food, lava, and anything! Just use ‘Dinnerbone’ for it.