Iron Combat: War in the Air Cheats


Iron Combat: War in the Air Cheats


Play as Ratel

Beat story mode twice. Then hold the L and R buttons the next time you select “New Game”. You will hear a voice clip as confirmation. This change does not affect the story or boss battles.


The following medals can be obtained by completing certain tasks in the game.

Unlockable How to Unlock
ACE Clear a stage without getting hit even once (any stage).
All stages Cleared all stages (both paths).
Destroy the giant Kill boss in less than 3 minutes (possible with any boss).
Earth In Mission 06A destroyed the prototype machine (Earth).
First tuning First subunit equipped.
Fluorescent lance Get rank of SS in all stages.
Jupiter In Mission 10 destroyed the prototype machine (Jupiter).
Launch Played for the first time.
Let’s go shopping First subunit bought.
Mars In Mission 08 destroyed the prototype machine (Mars).
Mercury In Mission 02 destroyed the prototype machine (Mercury).
Mission 01 Cleared Mission 01.
Mission 02 Cleared Mission 02.
Mission 03 Cleared Mission 03.
Mission 04 Cleared Mission 04.
Mission 05 Cleared Mission 05.
Mission 06 Cleared Mission 06 (any path).
Mission 07 Cleared Mission 07 (any path).
Mission 08 Cleared Mission 08.
Mission 09 Cleared Mission 09.
Mission 10 Cleared Mission 10.
Mission 11 Cleared Mission 11.
Mission 12 Cleared Mission 12 (any path).
Mission 13 Cleared Mission 13 (any path).
Mission 14 Cleared Mission 14.
Mission 15 Cleared Mission 15.
Mission 16 Cleared Mission 16.
Moon In Mission 06B destroyed the prototype machine (Moon).
Neptune In Mission 14 destroyed the prototype machine (Neptune).
Pluto In Mission 16 destroyed the prototype machine (Pluto).
Rank S In every stage receive rank S or higher.
Ratel Clear campaign (Mission 01 to 16) without even once losing to Ratel.
Samurai Killed 1000 enemies or more with a sword.
Saturn In Mission 12A destroyed the prototype machine (Saturn).
Shopping spree Bought all the parts.
Standard demon Clear campaign (Mission 01 to 16) without using even one customized part.
Uranus In Mission 12B destroyed the prototype machine (Uranus).
Venus In Mission 04 destroyed the prototype machine (Venus).
White god of death Clear campaign (Mission 01 to 16) without losing or aborting a mission.
Worthy opponent Destroyed rival in less than 2 minutes (Excluding Mission 5).