Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Cheats


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Cheats


New Game+ Rewards

When starting a New Game+, you can use your Title points to purchase some rewards to make the next playthrough easier. NB The Carry over demons and compendium discount rewards must be bought in succession (i.e. to bring over four demons, you need to purchase BOTH the Carry over 1 demon and Carry over 4 demon rewards, for a total of 70P).

Unlockable How to Unlock
10% off Compendium 40P
30% off Compendium 120P
50% off Compendium 200P
Carry over 1 demon 10P
Carry over 4 demons 60P
Carry over 8 demons 180P
Carry over all demons 300P
Carry over auction 40P
Carry over Macca 110P
Carry over skills 10P
Fallen Star 100P
Remove EXP limit 60P
Remove fusion LV limit 70P

New Game+ Titles

Beat the game, and you can win Titles based on your achievement. Each of these Titles are worth a certain number of points, which you can use to purchase Rewards for your next playthrough.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Blessed–60P Finished the Amane route.
Demon Collector–100P Registered all generic-fusion demons.
Demon Wrangler–400P Registered all possible demons.
Despot–20P Finished the Naoya/Kaido 8th day while killing.
Escapee–60P Finished the Yuzu route.
Focused–200P Finished the game with no free battles.
Ghost Buster–90P Thwarted Yomotsu Ikusa’s scheme.
Gin’s Savior–20P Saved Gin in battle.
Haru’s Savior–20P Prevented Haru’s death.
Hell Fighter–120P Emerged victorious from Nebiros’ challenge.
Keisuke’s Savior–20P Prevented Keisuke’s death.
Mari’s Savior–20P Prevented Mari’s death.
Master–60P Finished the Atsuro route.
Messiah–20P Finished the Amane route’s 8th day.
Muckraker–20P Discovered the government’s secret weapon.
Overlord–60P Finished the Naoya/Kaido route.
Peacemaker–20P Finished the Yuzu route’s 8th day.
Prize Winner–30P Emerged victorious from Ghost Q’s challenge.
Reinforcer–20P Strengthened the barrier on Yuzu’s 8th day.
Skillful–150P Cracked all possible skills.
Sleepwalker–60P Saved the Sage of Time’s Victims.
Star Destroyer–200P Emerged victorious from Lucifer’s challenge.
Survivor–70P Finished the game once.
Unkillable–200P Finished the game without any deaths.
Vanquisher–60P Finished the Gin route.
Warlord–20P Finished the Naoya/Kaido 8th day without killing.