Alpha Protocol Cheats


Alpha Protocol Cheats


Romance Perks

You can unlock these by pursuing the romances with the women in the game.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Exclusive Interview: +5 Endurance, +500 XP Scarlet Romance
Ladies Man: +5 AP Did all 4 romances
No Time for love: +20 Endurance, 20% Endurance Recharge Persued no romances
Office Romance: +5 Endurance, +500 XP Mina Romance
Rome-ance: +5 Endurance, +500 XP Romanced Madison
Savage Love: -5% Fury, Roomsweep, Iron Will & hard to kill cooldown got “assulted” by picking SIE as handler in final mission and rep higher then 7
Thanks but no Thanks: -5% cooldown on Evasion and Iron Will Refused SIE’s advances

Unique Weapons

Complete the indicated task to unlock each item.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Brayko’s SMG’s Kill Brayko
Brayko’s Stereo Spare Brayko
Gold Plated Assault Rifle Sneak up on Al Samad Lieutenant without any alarms being sounded
Gold Plated Sub Machinegun Assassinate Brajka
Marburg’s Pistol Bait Marburg into fighting to the death in the museum
Omen’s Shotgun Killl Omen Deng