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300 FRS Points, the easy way

Normally, after completing the normal playthrough and all simulator battles, a player should have 263 FRS points. To acquire the remaining 37, a player must S-rank each mission in Hard mode, however, there is a simpler trick to achieving 300 FRS points.

– Normal mode completed (this is a must)
– Simulator completed (have not checked, but better safe than sorry)
– Hard mode accessible (this is a must)

Now select a relatively easy HARD mode mission (for this, I chose Hail of Bullets) and proceed to complete the mission, achieving initially a rank of LOWER THAN S.

Then, upon completion of the mission, replay the same mission, but this time, acquire an S-Rank on it, and you will receive your FRS point. Now you may repeat that mission, and for each time you S-Rank it, you will receive another FRS point, up to the maximum 300.

I have tested this on Regulations 1.10, and confirmed this works. Other tests done by other players confirm this works as well on Regulations 1.00.

This will allow players to achieve 300 FRS without having to S-Rank every hard mode mission.

Credit to X_BANGER_X and other GameFAQs forums users for discovering this glitch.