Bejeweled 2 Cheats


Bejeweled 2 Cheats


Change Graphics

Enter these codes to change the look of the game while playing.

Effect Code
Toggle gem sprites to and from classic style (“oldskool” style from PC game) L1+L2+R1+R2+X
Toggle the visibility of the game borders L1+L2+R1+R2+O

Play Different Game Modes

All modes are available from the mode select screen once unlocked by selecting “Change to Mystery Modes”, with the exception of Original Mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Cognito Mode Complete Puzzle Mode.
Finity Mode Complete Level 10 in Endless Mode.
Hyper Mode Complete Level 5 in Action Mode.
Original Mode When on the regular mode selection screen, rotate the left analog stick clockwise multiple times to start a game in Original Mode.
Twilight Mode Complete Level 5 in Classic Mode.