Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG Cheats


Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG Cheats


Obtain the Forte Gigas

To unlock the Forte Gigas, Joshua and Cliana must have an individual kill count of 70 or more before the end of Scenario 46. On Scenario 47, do not allow Joshua or Cliana to engage any enemy unit or enter any allied battleship. Either character must reach the designated locations and fulfill the scenario’s SR Point in six turns. Upon clearing Scenario 48, the Forte Gigas will be available.

Unlock Additional Parts

Unlockable How to Unlock
Spirit Of Steel Part Before the end of Scenario 49, Lefina and Tetsuya’s individual kill counts must be at least 55 or more.
T-Link Sensor & G-Territory Parts On Scenario 21, all allied pilots must destroy at least two enemy units.
Twisted Headband Part On Scenario 35 Earth Route, place Bullet adjacent to the KoOhKi and have him convince it.

Unlock the Graviton Launcher Equippable Weapon

On Scenario 45, Ing must attack Egretta twice during the player’s phase before the Ladybird escort escapes. When Ing acquires the EX-EXbein on the same scenario, he must have at least one battle encounter with Amara, be the one to destroy Egretta’s Canis Altarf and have an individual kill count of 70 or more before the end of the scenario.

Unlock the High Spec CPU Part

On Scenario 41, Sanger can either destroy the JinRai or have it retreat. On Scenario 42, complete the scenario objectives as usual by luring the JinRai to the designated location. Once there, move the Dygenguard and Aussenseiter adjacent to the JinRai and have either Sanger or Ratsel reduce the JinRai’s HP to 3000 or lower.

Unlock the Shishioh Blade Equippable Weapon

On Scenario 38, Bullet and Kusuha must each have an individual battle encounter with Kanan and Taihou. On Scenario 40, perform the same requirements with Bullet and Kusuha in Scenario 38. Before the end of Scenario 40, Bullet’s individual kill count must be 50 or more.

Unlock Secret Items

Item Location
Mark Of The Brave In Scenario 37, Michiru must destroy at least 3 mass-produced Jinrai before the scenario ends.
MTMD Shooter In Scenario 43, Ibis must destroy 8 enemy units for the scenario and have an individual kill count of 50 or more before the scenario ends.