The Darkness Cheats


The Darkness Cheats


Phone Numbers

Go to any phone and enter the 18 numbers, in no specific order, to unlock Keeper of Secrets accomplishment. These can be found throughout the game on posters, graffiti, and pretty much anything else. Out of the 25, you only have to enter 18 to unlock the accomplishment, after that the rest are useless.

Effect Password
1/18 555-6118
10/18 555-1233
11/18 555-1037
12/18 555-3947
13/18 555-1206
14/18 555-9562
15/18 555-9528
16/18 555-7934
17/18 555-3285
18/18 555-7892
2/18 555-9723
3/18 555-1847
4/18 555-5289
5/18 555-6667
6/18 555-6205
7/18 555-4569
8/18 555-7658
9/18 555-9985


Dial this number at any telephone.

Effect Password
Unlock 2k Sports Darkling 4263
Unlock Golfer Darkling 5664

Entire in-game movie

About three hours into the game, after you pass the cold storage part, you will end up in a hallway with a lot of doors you can open. The middle door will have some computers and an enemy that never heard the gunfight because he is watching a television with some headphones. Kill him and the television will be yours to use. The option to change the channel will be given to you. Change the channel and some music videos and cartoons will pass. Wait a few seconds to see what is coming on next. There will be one with some cheesy music and words, and white lines coming out. This is actually a movie from 1955 called The Man With The Golden Arm starring Frank Sinatra. You can watch the entire movie on this television.