Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Cheats


Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Cheats


DLC Secret Characters/Classes

You need to aquire the associated DLC

Unlockable How to Unlock
Angel Class Score 150 or less commands in ITEM World Command Attack (any)
Aramis Score 150 or less commands in CLASS World Command Attack (any)
Plenair In Survival – After collecting 7 level spheres a mystery gate will appear on the next level. Choose “I want the mascot girl”
Super Hero Aurum Beat all 4 Raspberyl Chapters

Unlock Classes

Unlockable How to Unlock
Archer (Female) lvl 15 Female Fighter and lvl 15 Female Healer
Archer (Male) lvl 15 Male Fighter and lvl 15 Male Healer
Berserker Heavy Knight and Monster Tamer Lv 40
Cheerleader (Idol) Geo Master and Healer Lv 25
Geo Master Fist Fighter and Healer level 20
Gunner (Female) Thief and Female Mage level 15
Gunner (Male) Thief and Male Mage level 15
Heavy Knight Male Fighter and Male Fist Fighter level 15
Magic Knight Fighter and Mage level 25
Majin Clear 2nd play through turtorial
Masked Hero Thief and gunner level 45
Monster Tamer Female Fighter and Female Fist Fighter level 15
Ninja (Female) lvl 30 Female Monk and lvl 30 Female Magician
Ninja (Male) lvl 30 Male Monk and lvl 30 Male Magician
Samurai (Female) lvl 35 Female Fighter and lvl 35 Female Archer
Samurai (Male) lvl 35 Male Fighter and lvl 35 Male Archer
Shaman Geo Master and Mage Lv 25
Star Mage (Female) Possess Level 50+ female mage
Star Mage (Male) Possess Level 50+ male mage

Unlockable Cameo Characters

Must have beaten the at least once to unlock any of these characters.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Asagi Beat extra map 4
Axel Beat extra map 6
Laharl, Etna, and Flonne Beat extra map 7
Marona Beat extra map 5
Master Big Star Beat extra map 1
Prism Red beat extra map 3
Salvatore Beat extra map 2

Unlocking all the Endings

How to unlock the all 8 endings

Unlockable How to Unlock
Almaz’s Ending Win stage 8-4 with Almaz alone and the battle after
Human World Ending Kill more then 99 allies and clear two alt. stages by stage 7-6
Laharl’s Ending Go to homeroom and propose “Watch a New Ending” and clear the stage
Mao’s Ambition Ending Clear stage 1-9 on 2nd or higher cycle before stage 4-4
Normal Ending Don’t meet any other ending’s requirement
Raspberyl’s Ending 1 Lose against Raspberyl on stage 1-5
Raspberyl’s Ending 2 Lose against Raspberyl on stage 2-1
Super Hero Ending Use Mao at Lv 500 or higher to defeat final boss