Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Cheats


Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Cheats



Meet the following requirements to view extra endings.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Axel Ending Lose to Axel when you fight him in Episode 6.
Desco Ending Lose to Desco when you fight her in Episode 3.
Desco’s Epilogue Set Desco as Valvatorez’s Stepsibling in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.
Emizel Ending 1 Lose to Emizel when you fight him in Episode 1.
Emizel Ending 2 Lose to Emizel when you fight him again in Episode 2-.
Emizel’s Epilogue Set Emizel as Valvatorez’s Rival in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.
Fenrich’s Epilogue Set Fenrich as Valvatorez’s Comrade in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.
Fuka Ending Lose to Fuka when you fight her in Episode 2.
Fuka’s Epilogue Set Fuka as Valvatorez’s Mentor in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.
Postgame Epilogue Complete Extra Battles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in postgame.
True Final Battle Finish 10-6 on cycle 2 or higher with only lvl 500 or higher Valvatorez alone then complete the final stage afterwards.
Vulcanus Ending Lose to Vulcanus when you fight her in Episode 5.
Vulcanus’ Epilogue Set Vulcanus as Valvatorez’s Lover in the Legendary Tree evil symbol.

How to unlock Chara World

Do the following to unlock Chara World.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Chara World Reincarnate at least once, storing 99 levels or more in the process, then, pass the bill “Go to Chara World” in the Senate

Permanent Legendary Tree Relationships

In Episode 4, you will unlock the Legendary Tree bill. Pass it in the Senate to gain a new evil symbol. This is a strange and unique symbol, as it allows you to setup a “family tree” of sorts for the symbol’s leader. One use for it is to unlock epilogues (See Endings cheat.), but its primary purpose is to grant special effects to the leader by setting relationships. Normally, you lose these effects when a member is removed from the symbol’s area of effect, but there are ways of making the relationships and their effects permanent.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Permanent Archenemies – Leader gains 50 percent stat boost when he/she kills Archenemy. Leader kills Archenemy 10 times.
Permanent Comrades – Leader has 99 percent team attack chance with Comrade. Leader and Comrade team attack together 10 times.
Permanent Lovers – Leader gets 10 percent HP regen when standing side-by-side with Lover. Leader heals Lover 10 times. (Items and magic both OK.)
Permanent Mentors – Leader can use Mentor’s spells from anywhere on the map when both are deployed. Leader uses Mentor’s spells when standing side-by-side 10 times.
Permanent Rivals – Leader gains 20 percent stat boost when Rival is deployed. Leader and Rival attack and counter each other unarmed or with a Fist-type weapon 10 times.
Permanent Second Cousins – No special effects. Leader and Second Cousin both participate in 10 battles together.
Permanent Stepsiblings – Leader can protect Stepsibling from anywhere on the map. Leader protects Stepsibling from special attacks 10 times.
Permanent Twins – Leader gains 20 to 60 percent stat boost for wearing the same armor as Twin. Leader and Twin wear the same equipment for 10 entire battles.
Undo any established relationship. Pass a bill that costs 1000 mana.

Pirate Ship Parts from Pirates in the Item World

Defeat the following pirate groups that appear in the Item World to get these parts. About the Commando Pirates: on the first set of floors, take either gate on Floor 5 and then the other gate on Floor 10 (Item gate on floor 5, Innocent gate on floor 10). then, go down either route as normal.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Black Drill Construction Pirates on Floors 31+ (do not appear on Turn 2)
Eryngi (Body) Artist Pirates on Floors 71+ (Item Growth Path only)
Galleon III (Body) Sorry Pirates on Floors 41+ [first 5 floors only (x1-x5)]
Giant Turtle (Body) Fisherman Pirates on Floors 1+
Hunk House (Top) Warrior Pirates on Floors 61+
Metal Aft Propellor (Head) Red Pirates on Floors 81+ (Item Growth Path only)
Mini-Yoshitsuna (Body) Robo Pirates or Masked Rangers while Reverse Pirating
No.6 Locomotive (Body) Item Express Pirates on Floors 41+ (Innocent Boost Path only) (do not appear on Turn 2)
Old Wagon (Body) Food Stand Pirates on Floors 11+
P Flonzor X Body Meowkins Pirates on Floors 91+
Prinny (Body) Prinny Pirates on Floors 71+ (Innocent Boost Path only) (do not appear on Turn 2)
Sharkpedo (Right) Duck Pirates on Floors 21+ (do not appear on Turn 2)
Skull: Gentle Ram (Head) Queen Pirates on Floors 81+
Starship Body G Mech Pirates on Floors 61+ (do not appear on Turn 2)
Starship Stern G (Rear) Rotten Golem Pirates on Floors 51+
Torn-Up Mast Ghost Pirates on Floors 31+
Training Wing (Left) Commando Pirates on Floors 51+ (Item Growth or Innocent Boost paths only)
Treasure Ship (Body) Peachboy Pirates on Floors 51+ (Treasure Path only) (do not appear on Turn 2)