Dragon Age 2 Cheats


Dragon Age 2 Cheats


Infinite Attribute Points (Max Stats)

You must be in Act 3 and able to craft the rune of valiance. Get any two different pieces of equipment (not the same type of course) with at least 1 rune slot. Craft a rune of valiance onto both making sure that the amount of attributes added on each item is different. Equip both items. Now remove the one that adds the most attributes first, then remove the other. Not all the attributes from the rune will be removed and it will be permanently added to Hawke. Repeat equipping both and removing both to keep getting attribute points all the way to 100 max in everything if you want. Remember to make sure to equip and remove the item that gives the most +attributes first.

Infinite Exp/Money (Pre-Patch)

Choose a sidequest that does NOT end with a cutscene or dialogue tree.(usually finding an item or something of that nature). Draw your weapon near the NPC, but without finishing the quest. When you approach the NPC wait until your character begins to re-sheath their weapon. As they are putting it away press X repeatedly(PS3 version)or A (for the xbox 360 version of the game) and each time you press the allotted button you will be awarded with the quests reward in money/exp over and over.

Infinite Rival Points

After finishing Sebastian’s companion quest, which is called repentance, you need to head back to the chantry. Do not talk with Sebastian there, instead talk to the grand cleric and keep selecting the “You’re useless” dialog. You get a +5 rivalry for Sebastian whenever you select this.

Unlimited ability points. (Pre-Patch)

To activate this glitch it will require that you have access to the black emporium and have money available to purchase the potion “Makers Sigh” that resets all ability points, and attributes. Hawke comes preloaded with preset skills he is “supposed” to have. Meaning when you use a makers sigh and save, when you reload the game file these ability’s will be filled. To take advantage of this follow these following steps. 1. Use makers sigh 2. Save your game. 3. Load your game 4. Check your ability points. You should have the amount that were taken away, plus the ability’s that Hawke is “supposed” to have. For a rogue it will be around four – five points in the dual wield tree. 5. If you use another makers sigh, it will now add those ability’s to the ability points available. I was effectively able to go from 20, to 45 within 5 minutes. You must save and reload each time you wish to do this again.

Ser Isaac’s Armor set

To unlock the armor set, you have to create an EA account first and then link it with your PSN ID. Rent Dead Space 2 if you don’t have it, go the main menu and it should log you into your account. Once you have done that, start your Dragon Age 2 copy and the set will be unlocked. You can find it in your special delivery chest at your house.