Axiom Verge 2 Cheats and Tips


What Is Axiom Verge 2? (Axiom Verge 2 Cheats and Tips)

Axiom Verge 2 is a Metroidvania with a retro-inspired look that is nonetheless unhesitant about incorporating modern features. As such, interested individuals might want to check it out sooner rather than later.

What Are Some Tips for Axiom Verge 2?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:





Check Out the Accessibility Options (Axiom Verge 2 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of modern features, Axiom Verge 2 comes with a number of accessibility options. For example, there is one for adjusting the damage dealt by the player as well as one for adjusting the damage dealt to the player. Similarly, there is one for adjusting the speed of the game. As such, interested individuals should spend some time looking into the accessibility options to come up with a setup that makes sense for them.

Expect an Increased Emphasis on Melee (Axiom Verge 2 Cheats and Tips)

One of the most interesting changes from the preceding title is the increased emphasis on melee combat rather than ranged combat. Interested individuals will start out with both a pickaxe and a boomerang. However, they can expect to come upon more alternatives for the former than for the latter as they make progress in the game. Unfortunately, the enemies come with plenty of firepower, so interested individuals are going to want to master the fine art of closing into melee combat as soon as possible.

The Game Doesn’t Necessarily Explain Every Capability in Perfect Detail

On a related note, Axiom Verge 2 doesn’t necessarily explain every capability of everything in perfect detail. To name an example, the boomerang comes with a recall function. Essentially, interested individuals can throw it, move about, and then recall it when it becomes useful once more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Just Ignore Enemies (Axiom Verge 2 Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals don’t necessarily have to fight everything that they come upon. If they don’t feel like fighting, they should remember that they have ways of getting around most enemies. In fact, interested individuals should know that they will gain the ability to slow down their enemies early on, meaning that they will be able to just run past a lot of encounters.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Blue Meter

The user interface has both a red meter and a blue meter that interested individuals should keep a watchful eye on. Chances are good that they can guess that the red meter represents health while the blue meter represents energy. Having said that, interested individuals should try to avoid exhausting their energy. This is because they don’t want to find themselves out of energy when they need to use one of their special tools to break into a new area, particularly since some of those special tools can be pretty energy-hungry. Of course, if interested individuals are being hard-pressed by their enemies, they shouldn’t hesitate to use whatever option that will get them out of the situation in good shape because immediate concerns trump everything else.

Use the Compass

It is a good idea to break out the compass from time to time. After all, it points interested individuals in the direction of Urns, which often contain upgrades. The compass is particularly useful when people are revisiting places where they have already been, which is something that they can expect to do on a regular basis because of Metroidvanias being Metroidvanias.