Shadowverse: Champion's Battle Cheats and Tips


What Is Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle? (Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Cheats and Tips)

Shadowverse is a digital collectible card game that has been around since 2016. It has proven to be popular, so much so that it has received an anime based on the card game rather than the setting of the card game. Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is based on said anime, which should provide interested individuals with a good idea of what to expect because of similar titles for similar card games.

What Are Some Tips for Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle?

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Understand the Seven Classes (Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Cheats and Tips)

It is common for collectible card games to have different playstyles centered on different cards. Here, this can be seen in the seven classes. However, interested individuals should know that Shadowverse is rather unusual in that it doesn’t allow different cards from different classes to be mixed together. As a result, it is even more important for them to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the seven classes than comparable topics in other collectible card games.

First, Dragoncraft tends to mean high costs in exchange for high power. Furthermore, if Dragoncraft decks can hit seven or more play points, they can become even more powerful because of the Overflow mechanic. Second, Forestcraft goes for low-cost, low-power cards, which can nonetheless come together to take out bigger threats. Third, Swordcraft goes for numbers as well in a process facilitated by the fact that its followers can summon more followers. Fourth, Runecraft uses spells to overcome the opponent, particularly since using spells will power up the remaining cards that haven’t been played. Fifth, Shadowcraft has a fondness for death-related themes, so expect special effects such as abilities activating upon death. Sixth, Bloodcraft is high-risk because it messes around with the player’s own defense, but in exchange, its cards can pack quite a punch under the right circumstances. Seventh, Havencraft likes cards that won’t matter right away but will instead kick in at some point in the future, thus making it extremely technical.

Don’t Assume Too Much Based on Class (Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Cheats and Tips)

Having said that, interested individuals shouldn’t make too many assumptions based on the class that their opponent’s playing. Each class encompasses a considerable number of cards, which make for a fair range of mechanics. As a result, it is very much possible for their opponents to build decks that don’t conform perfectly to their expectations. Something that can be quite dangerous. This is particularly true because there are some cards that are neutral, meaning that they can be added to any deck. Used in the right manner, these can make decks even more unpredictable. Combined, understanding the classes is always useful, but interested individuals should always account for the possibility of their opponent having surprises up their sleeves.

Talk to Everyone (Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Cheats and Tips)

It is a good idea for interested individuals to talk to everyone in this game. Generally speaking, most characters won’t be very useful. However, some of them will offer side-quests, thus enabling interested individuals to make themselves stronger by taking in the rewards. Similarly, some of them will sell cards that can’t be found elsewhere, which is another good way for interested individuals to strengthen their decks.