Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Cheats


Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Cheats


Unlockable Characters

Complete Mission to unlock

Unlockable How to Unlock
Android #17 Beat Android #17 vs. The New Piccolo
Android #18 Beat Cute and Powerful?! Android #18 Has No Weakness
Bardock Beat Frieza’s Betrayal! Operation Saiyan Sweep
Broly, Super Broly, LSSJ Broly Beat Freedom!
Gogeta Beat Fusion & Potara Part 1: Super Gogeta
Goten, Super Sayian Goten Beat Gohan Amazed! Goten’s Explosive Power
Kid Buu Beat Buu Advances! Final Battle on the Supreme Kai’s World
Majin Vegeta Beat Vegeta and Goku’s Fateful Confrontation!
Super Saiyan 3 Broly Beat Legendary Super Saiyan Reborn
Super Sayian 3 Vegeta Beat The Strongest Super Sayian 3
Trunks (Sword) Beat Hey! Been a While… Goku’s Return, and The Mysterious Boy
Trunks, Super Sayian Trunks Beat Vegeta Shocked! Kid Trunks’ Explosive Power
Vegeta (Scouter) Beat Launch it, Krillin! The Hopes of the Spirit Bomb
Vegito, Super Vegito Beat Fusion & Potara Part 2: Super Vegito
Videl Beat The Student

Unlockable Titles

These are Titles you can unlock by playing online to use as your title online.

Unlockable How to Unlock
A Wimps As Raditz, lose against Nappa or Vegeta 10 times
Ajssa Protector 50 wins on Namek
Astounding Power Rank A
Avenger As Broly, win against Vegeta 10 times
Beauty-Loving Warrior Without transforming, play Zarbon 10 times in a row
Berserker 50 wins with the Life-Risking Attack item equipped
Blue Hurricane Use Burter ten times in a row.
Bomb Maniac Earn 10 victories with the Explosive Wave.
Budding Pupil Fight against Piccolo 10 times as Gohan
Capricious Warrior Win 100 battles in cell games stage.
Cool Beauty 100 wins as Android 18
Counter Monster Execute 5 counters in a battle.
Crane Practitioner Win 10 times with Dodon Ray
Cyborg Hunter Defeat 100 Android characters
Dark Knight 100 wins in the Cave Stage
Death Chaser Vanish 20 times in battle
Defending Champion 50 wins with the Champion Belt item equipped
Dirty Work Take 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Earth-Raised Namekian Play 10 matches in a row with Piccolo
Earth-Raised Saiyan Play 10 matches in a row with Goku
Easily Baited As Gotenks, lose a battle by running out of time.
Elite Warrior Earn 10 victories online.
Embarassment of the Clan Lose 10 Saiyan on Saiyan fights
Energy Absorber Win 10 times by absorbing energy.
Enraged Warrior Win 10 battles while in High Tension
Fireworks Master Execute 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Flying Dragon Execute 2 Air Combo in a battle.
Flying Dragon Perform 2 air combos in a single battle
Future Warrior As Fighting Teen Trunks, defeat Android 17, 18, and 1st form Cell
Galactic Overlord 100 wins as Frieza
Gentle Beast 100 wins as Majin Buu
ginyu force member Use each ginyu force character 2 times.
Ginyu Force Vice-Captain Beat all the Ginyu Force members besides Captain Ginyu.
God of Gods Win 100 battles on the Supreme Kia’s Planent.
Golden Warrior Record 50 victories with Super Saiyan Characters.
Greenhorn Lose 50 times
Grim Reaper of Justice Win 100 battles with Gotenks
Incomplete Power. Rank G
Infinite Energy 10 wins with 16, 17, and 18
Invincible Warrior Earn 20 victories without a loss.
Iron Wall 50 wins with the Damage Regulator item equipped
Just a Bluff Lose 20 times even though you transformed.
Ki Deflecting Monster Deflect 20 ki blasts in a single battle
King of Destruction Execute 5 wall crashes in a single battle
Legend Killer Defeat Super Saiyan Characters 100 times.
Legendary Warrior Earn 100 victories online.
Lightning God Win 50 times with Plasma Aura.
Lightning Speed Win 5 blow exchanges in a single battle
Like the Wind Perform 5 throw evasions in a single battle
Little Rascal As Goten, win against Goku 10 times
Loved by the Goddess 50 wins with 18’s kiss item equipped
Low Class Warrior Default
Majin Killer Defeat 100 Majin characters
Martial Arts Master 100 wins on the World Tournament stage
Martial Arts Warrior Execute 30 Hits in a battle
Martyred Warrior Win 10 battles with self-destruct ultimate
Master Instructor Fight against Gohan 10 times as Piccolo
Master of the House As Krillin, win against Android 18 ten times
Mr. Perfect 10 Perfect Wins
Nature Lover Win in the Wasteland field without destroying anything
New Force Captain Defeat Ginyu 10 times
New Generation As Kid Trunks, win against Vegeta 10 times
Non-Combatant 10 Perfect Losses
Nothing but a Bluff Lose 20 times despite transforming
Perfect Form As Cell, win against 17 & 18
Philanthropist Use each transformation of all transforming characters
Porunga Guardian 100 wins on Namek
Preliminary Qualifier Record 10 victories in the World Tournament stage.
Prince of Cruelty Perform a Knockdown Attack 5 times in one match.
Prince of Cruelty Execute 5 Knockdown Attack in battle.
Proud prince of the Saiyans play 10 matches in a row using Vegeta
proud prince of the saiyans play 10 matches in a row using vegeta
Psychic Master 100 wins as Chaiotzu and/or Guldo
Purple Comet Use Jeice and Burter a total of 20 times each
Red Magma Use Jeice ten times in a row.
Red Ribbon Army Defeat Goku 10 times with Android characters.
Red Ribbon Army Defeat Goku with Android characters 10 times.
Robot Type 20 wins with 16 & 19
Saiyan Killer Defeat Saiyan Characters 100 times.
Scary Wife As 18, win against Krillin ten times
Speediest in the Universe Vanish 30 times in battle.
Strongest Earthling Win 100 Human vs Human battles
strongest guy every 1000wins online.
Strongest in the Other Wold Win 50 battles with Angel Halo equipped.
Strongest Majin Win 100 Majin vs Majin battles
Stubborn Bastard Deflect 5 Super Attacks in one match.
Super Elite Warrior Earn 50 victories online.
Super Power Win 3 shot exchanges in a single battle
The Coolest Queen 100 wins as Videl
The World’s Strongest Warrior. Earn 500 Victories online.
Top Pupil Fight against Piccolo 30 tiems as Gohan
Total Amatuer Lose 10 first round matches in the World Tournament
Transforming Alien Play as a transforming alien character 10 times and win
Turtle Practitioner Earn 10 victories with the Kamehameha
Ultimate Fighter Win 10 times using an Ultimate Attack
Ultimate Monster 100 wins as Cell
Unknown Power. Rank D
Warrior Namekian 30 wins with Piccolo
Warrior of Destruction 100 wins on Ruined Namek
Warrior of Light Use Solar Flare 10 times in a battle
Warrior on the Brink Win 10 times with 1 HP remaining
Waste of Space Earn 100 losses.
Wimpier Than He Thinks Lose three Shot Exchanges in a battle.
World Champion 50 wins on the World Tournament stage
World Class Speed Execute 10 Vanishing in a battle.
World Tournament Champion Win a total of 10 World Tournament Finals.
Worthless Bug Lose 500 times
Worthless Puppet Lose 30 matches while playing an android character
Wussy Warrior Earn 10 victories by running out of time.