Foreclosed Cheats and Tips


What Is Foreclosed? (Foreclosed Cheats and Tips)

Foreclosed is an action-adventure game in a comic book-style cyberpunk setting. It follows a character looking into his identity foreclosure, which is more complicated than it seems on initial inspection.

What Are Some Tips for Foreclosed?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for interested individuals:




The Hacking Segments Are Extremely Easy

Cyberpunk being cyberpunk, it should come as no surprise to learn that Foreclosed has hacking segments. Fortunately, these are extremely easy. Essentially, interested individuals just have to press the directions corresponding to those shown by the four arrows on the screen.

Patience Is Critical For the Stealth Segments

Perhaps unsurprisingly, patience will be critical for the stealth segments in Foreclosed. This will be particularly true in the early game when interested individuals will have fewer options with which to handle the enemies searching for them. Generally speaking, interested individuals should do their best to fully observe the enemies’ movement patterns, thus providing themselves with the best chances of sneaking through. Even failures can be useful by revealing paths that are nonviable. Something that can be quite important because most stealth segments will have just one path by which interested individuals can escape.

Explore a Bit (Foreclosed Cheats and Tips)

Foreclosed isn’t an open world game. Generally speaking, it is pretty linear in the sense that it will encourage interested individuals to move on a particular path. However, it can be worthwhile for the player to stray from said path for the purpose of looking around. If they are diligent in this regard, they can expect to pick up various rewards. Be warned that this process of exploration can result in interested individuals coming upon extra enemies as well, so that is something to watch out for.

Some Upgrades Should Be Prioritized (Foreclosed Cheats and Tips)

There are some upgrades that should be prioritized over others. For example, it is a good idea for interested individuals to grab the upgrade that increases their shooting speed as soon as possible. Similarly, they are going to want the upgrade that increases their effectiveness when shooting at helmets as well as other forms of armor. Both of these upgrades make them more capable of fighting tougher enemies, thus making them extremely useful.

Choose Augmentations (Foreclosed Cheats and Tips)

Augmentations can be very powerful. However, they use the same skill points as weapon upgrades, meaning that interested individuals should be careful about how they spend said resource. One of the best options in the early game is Mind Shield, which can be used to prevent the player-character from being hacked by enemies.

Make Good Use of Cover

On a related note, interested individuals are going to need to make good use of cover if they want to make good progress in this game. Simply put, if they are behind cover, they won’t be taking the full force of incoming fire. Something that will enable them to continue fighting for longer than otherwise possible. Better still, the game has decent auto-locking mechanics, so interested individuals can pop out of cover, fire off some shots, and then pop back into cover with relative ease.