Fracked Cheats and Tips


What Is Fracked? (Fracked Cheats and Tips)

Fracked is a PSVR exclusive. For the most part, it is a shooter. However, it has some climbing, skiing, and puzzle-solving segments as well for the purpose of keeping things interesting.

What Are Some Tips for Fracked?

These tips might prove useful in Fracked:




Use Cover (Fracked Cheats and Tips)

There are some shooters that encourage the player to rush into the middle of their enemies with seemingly no regard for their personal well-being whatsoever. In contrast, other shooters are more about eliminating enemies at a steady pace while moving from cover to cover. Fracked is an excellent example of the latter rather than the former. In fact, one of its selling points is that it boasts a unique cover system in which interested individuals can grab cover to peek around corners, which is intuitive while opening up some interesting possibilities. Regardless, the important point is that the player should fight with a modicum of caution. Essentially, they want to spend most of their time behind some form of cover that can soak up incoming fire while making sure that the time spent in-between cover is put to effective use in eliminating the sources of that incoming fire.

Remain On the Move (Fracked Cheats and Tips)

Having said that, it isn’t a good idea for interested individuals to shoot while remaining in a single position. Their enemies will move in on them, which in turn, means that they will become exposed to incoming fire. To prevent this, interested individuals should move from cover to cover. For offensive purposes, this is good because this will enable them to put themselves in more advantageous positions from which to engage their enemies. For defensive purposes, this is good because this will enable them to move about so that they are always facing just a fraction of their total enemies rather than be closed-in upon from multiple directions. On a related note, the setting of Fracked comes with more dramatic ways to move about such as zip-lines built-in. If it makes sense, interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to use them to get the drop on their enemies.

Don’t Hesitate to Retreat (Fracked Cheats and Tips)

If necessary, interested individuals should feel free to retreat from a dangerous situation, regroup at a safe location, and then return to the engagement. Both climbing points and zip-lines can be very useful for those who are hard-pressed by enabling them to remove themselves from their current situation. After which, they can also be a very dramatic way to return to the fight.

Use Different Weapons for Different Enemies

There are different weapons in Fracked, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they are best used on different enemies. For example, the revolver can shoot through walls, thus making it an excellent choice of weapon for when the enemies are situated behind cover themselves. In contrast, the grenade launcher packs a powerful punch, meaning that it can be used to knock down Blasters for the purpose of exposing their weak points. Using the right weapons under the right circumstances will make for maximum efficiency, thus enabling smoother progress than otherwise possible.