No More Heroes III Cheats and Tips


What Is No More Heroes III? (No More Heroes III Cheats and Tips)

No More Heroes III is an action-adventure game with extensive hack-and-slash mechanics. It stands out by having an open world setting, which hasn’t been the case since the first installment in the franchise.

What Are Some Tips for No More Heroes III?

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:




Use Sushi (No More Heroes III Cheats and Tips)

There are sushi carts situated throughout the game. Interested individuals should make regular use of them because sushi means sushi buffs. Some sushi are eat-in while other sushi are take-out. If interested individuals are heading into a challenging encounter, they should make sure to buy some eat-in sushi for powerful effects such as improved health, improved damage-dealing, and a one-time, on-the-spot revival. As for take-out sushi, they should do their best to keep themselves well-stocked. Health-restoration and power-restoration sushi are always useful. However, the other kinds of take-out sushi can be very beneficial as well.

Understand Your Death Skills (No More Heroes III Cheats and Tips)

Death Skills are special abilities. Interested individuals will start out with one called Death Kick. However, they can expect to pick up three others called Death Force, Death Slow, and Death Rain. For starters, Death Kick is very useful for a number of reasons. One, it is powerful. Two, it knocks down enemies. Three, it can interrupt enemies. As such, it is always a good idea for interested individuals to keep a Death Kick in reserve so that they will be ready if they see something nasty coming their way. Upgrades can help out with this. Similarly, eating the right kinds of sushi can help out with this as well.

Moving on, Death Force is a long-range attack that can be used to toss enemies. It works on most enemies, which include some of the bosses as well. Meanwhile, Death Slow means slowing down every single enemy caught within its circle of effect. Since the player-character isn’t affected, this can make it much easier for interested individuals to beat down their targets. As for Death Rain, it is another damage-dealing special ability, though one with a couple of effects. First, it will cause damage over time to every single enemy caught within its circle of effect. Second, it will shoot projectiles at those same enemies on a random basis. On the whole, Death Kick has the fastest cooldown, which is good because it is also the most practical of the special abilities.

You Want to Perfect Dodge (No More Heroes III Cheats and Tips)

Dodging is always useful. After all, it prevents people from taking incoming attacks, thus enabling them to fight longer than otherwise possible. However, interested individuals should do their best to pull off perfect dodges. This is because a perfect dodge will slow down time, meaning that they will be able to get in some fast counterattacks on their enemies in the interval. To make it easier to pull off perfect dodges, interested individuals should lock on to an enemy before waiting for the targeting circle to turn purple. Once they have some experience, they can handle the timing on their own. Until they do, this mechanic can be invaluable for their practice.