Tormented Souls Cheats and Tips


What Is Tormented Souls? (Tormented Souls Cheats and Tips)

Tormented Souls is a survival horror that sees the protagonist Caroline Walker investigating the disappearance of twin girls at a less than welcoming mansion. It is interesting to note that the game was inspired by Alone in the Dark as well as the earlier Resident Evil installments, which should provide people with a good idea of what to expect.

What Are Some Tips for Tormented Souls?

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Shoot Everything (Tormented Souls Cheats and Tips)

Providing limited ammunition is one of the most common ways for survival horrors to create the right atmosphere. Fortunately, Tormented Souls isn’t one of those titles, so interested individuals should feel encouraged to shoot every single enemy that they come upon. Simply put, they will find plenty of ammunition, meaning that they won’t need to hold back because they are concerned that they will run out while facing something more threatening. Besides this, interested individuals should expect to do a lot of backtracking in this game, meaning that avoiding everything might actually be more dangerous than shooting everything.

You Save Using Tapes and Recorders (Tormented Souls Cheats and Tips)

Tormented Souls shows its sources of inspiration with its save system. In short, interested individuals are going to need Tapes if they want to save at the Recorders that can be found throughout the game. Tapes are a relatively rare resource in the early part of the game, so they are going to want to err on the side of caution. However, this should ease up to some extent in the later part of the game. Even so, interested individuals should try to conserve their Tapes. Simply put, if they haven’t done anything save-worthy, they shouldn’t save. This is particularly true because the game’s presentation is meant to make it seem scarier than it is in truth.

Master the Dodge (Tormented Souls Cheats and Tips)

Interested individuals should seek to master the dodge as soon as possible. This is because the backward motion has i-frames, which can save them if they are surprised by something unpleasant. Be warned that the dodge can’t be used to make them invincible for an extended period of time for a couple of reasons. One, it has a cooldown. Two, it needs a good sense of timing for a successful execution.

Just Avoid the Random Monster

Eventually, interested individuals will start encountering a monster that will sometimes spawn in rooms on a random basis. Conveniently, their presence will be announced by a musical cue, which will be the sign for the player to exit the room before reentering it to see if it is still there. Certainly, interested individuals can try to fight the monster. However, there is no real point to doing so when it will de-spawn upon the player exiting the room.

There Is a Good Ending

Tormented Souls has a good ending. Interested individuals should know that if they want to get the good ending, they should go down the ladder in the office. Once they have done so, they will be very close to a puzzle securing an item needed to get said ending. On the plus side, if interested individuals haven’t already done so, the point of no return won’t happen until the end of the game.