The Medium Cheats and Tips


What Is The Medium? (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

The Medium is a psychological horror set in the post-Communist Poland of the late 1990s. Its story is centered on a spirit medium named Marianne investigating a resort that was abandoned because of a horrific massacre.

What Are Some Tips for The Medium? (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

Keep these suggestions for the game in mind:





Expect to Use Insight a Lot (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

The Medium has a mechanic called Insight. When used, it highlights points of interest in the player’s surroundings, thus making it very useful for those who aren’t sure how to proceed. As such, it is a good idea for a player to use Insight whenever they enter a new area. Furthermore, they should check to see if they can use Insight whenever they are inspecting an item. If the player can, there will be a label saying so at the bottom left of the screen. However, they should know that they will have to rotate the item until they find a crack and then rotate the item some more until the crack is aligned with the center of the screen before they can get the extra bit of story associated with the item.

Pay Attention to Both Realities When that Comes Up (The Medium Cheats and Tips)

It is interesting to note that there will be split-screen segments in which the player is active in not one but two realities. A lot of people wind up focusing on one part of the screen because they aren’t used to monitoring both parts at the same time, which is understandable. However, the player should do their best to pay attention to both realities. Sometimes, something that can be found in one reality can’t be found in the other. Other times, something that can be found in both realities can behave in very different ways in different realities. Thanks to this, paying attention to both realities at the same time is how the player can make the smoothest progress.

Stealth Segments Are Different in the Two Realities

There are stealth segments in this game that work differently in the different realities. In the real world, the enemy can’t see the player but can hear the player, which includes their breathing. As such, if Insight tells them that the enemy is getting closer, they should hold their breath. Be careful about doing this too long because that will cause the player-character to fall unconscious. In the spirit world, the enemy can both see the player and hear the player, which makes everything more complicated. There, they should interact with the white orbs to build up energy. By doing so, if the player gets trapped, they can unleash a burst of light to give themselves some time to run away. Other than this very specific situation, the player shouldn’t try to run past the enemy because chances are good that they won’t be able to outrun the enemy’s pursuit. Instead, stick to stealth basics, meaning remaining behind cover until the enemy has left the immediate vicinity before continuing to make their way through the game.