Golf Club: Wasteland Cheats and Tips


What Is Golf Club: Wasteland? (Golf Club: Wasteland Cheats and Tips)

Golf Club: Wasteland is a golf game with a rather unusual setting. In short, the rich have fled Earth, which has undergone an ecological catastrophe. However, said individuals still return from time to time for the purpose of playing games of golf amidst the remnants of a ruined world.

What Are Some Tips for Golf Club: Wasteland? (Golf Club: Wasteland Cheats and Tips)

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





Earning Most Achievements Should Be Simple and Straightforward

Earning most achievements should be a simple and straightforward matter. To name some examples, there are a number of achievements that are handed out for scoring par enough times. So long as people continue playing, they should have no problem getting either the required score or better, particularly since the game is relatively generous in this regard. Similarly, there are a number of achievements that should be very easy to earn so long as the player knows their requirements.

One example would be Love Letter to Belgrade, which can be earned by hitting the ball on top of the overturned pink car before waiting there in Level 11. Another example would be Moo!, which can be earned by hitting the ball close but not too close to the cow before hitting it almost straight up so that it will come down on top of the cow in Level 12. The player should keep a watchful eye out for similar opportunities in other levels, with examples including but not limited to a basketball hoop, a red button, and a tube slide.

Some Achievements Are More Difficult (Golf Club: Wasteland Cheats and Tips)

Meanwhile, other achievements are more difficult. For instance, there is an achievement called Practice Makes Perfect!, which will require the player to get not one, not two, but three holes-in-one on three different holes. Getting a hole-in-one tends to be much easier in the earlier levels, so people might want to calibrate their shots there until they get exactly what they want. As for Iron Will!, well, suffice to say that is something that the player should hold off on until they are very familiar with every single level. This is because Iron Will! requires the completion of Iron mode, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The player will start over if they go over par; the player will start over if they hit their ball into either water or a waste hazard; and the player won’t be able to restart the level like they can in other modes. Having said that, it is possible for them to save scum by outright quitting the game before starting it back up, which should return them to the start of the level. Something that might prove useful if the player becomes frustrated.

Practice, Practice, Practice (Golf Club: Wasteland Cheats and Tips)

At first, the player won’t have a perfect feel for how far their ball will go. There is no easy solution for this particular problem. Instead, they should play until they develop a better understanding through pure experience. Having said that, the player should consider erring against the side of caution when they are still starting out. After all, they aren’t going to be making perfect shots anyways, it is better for them to cover more distance rather than less distance with each one.