WRC 10 Cheats and Tips


What Is WRC 10? (WRC 10 Cheats and Tips)

WRC 10 is the latest in a long line of racing games based on the World Rally Championship. As such, it is very similar to its predecessors. However, it contains improvements that interested individuals might want to check out.

What Are Some Tips for WRC 10?

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Pay Attention to Your Co-Driver (WRC 10 Cheats and Tips)

The co-driver is very important in WRC 10. This is because they will provide the player with valuable information about the part of the race track that is coming up. The problem is that the co-driver will do so in jargon, which should be mastered sooner rather than later.

Master the Jargon (WRC 10 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, here are some examples of the jargon that the player can expect. For starters, when the co-driver says either left or right before following up with a number between 1 and 6, that indicates an upcoming corner. The first part reveals the direction in which the corner will go, while the second part reveals the speed with which one should navigate the corner. A 1 means something very tight, meaning that it should be navigated at a very slow speed. In contrast, a 6 means something very open, meaning that the player should feel free to roar on through. Be warned that there are other terms for other kinds of corners. For example, a hairpin means a corner that is almost but not quite 180 degrees. Similarly, square indicates that the corner is 90 degrees. The co-driver can provide information about the segments between corners as well. If the player hears something like, “Right 2 long 50,” that means that the corner will be followed by a 50-meter straight segment.

Don’t Set the Co-Driving Timing Too Late (WRC 10 Cheats and Tips)

The co-driving timing setting determines when a co-driver will speak up about an upcoming corner. Generally speaking, the player shouldn’t choose either late or very late because the information will come too late to be of any use. This is particularly true when they are racing around at faster speeds, which will make this issue even more noticeable.

Newcomers Should Turn Down the Damage Setting

Other settings are worth checking out as well. To name an example, consider the damage setting, which can add a great deal of challenge and thus a great deal of enjoyment for certain segments of the player base. However, newcomers might want to keep the damage either low or even nonexistent until they have become better at the driving. Otherwise, there is a good chance that they will smash up their rally car before they make much progress, which will be more frustrating than educational.

Your Lights and Wipers Can Be Quite Useful

Both the lights and the wipers can be very useful for the player. In the first case, hard-to-see segments can come out of seemingly nowhere, so it can be a good idea for the player to just keep their lights on the entire time. As for the second, it is worth mentioning that the wipers can even clean off the dirt from gravel rallies, thus making them something of a universal solution for everything that can wind up obscuring the windscreen.