Lost Planet 2 Cheats


Lost Planet 2 Cheats


Alternative way to unlock 2 Capcom Characters

If you haven’t unlocked Albert Wesker and/or Frank West via having a certain Save File, there’s an alternate method to get them. In Edit menu, press “Square” under “LP2 Slot Machine” Roulette. And then enter these Codes.

Effect Password
Albert Wesker 72962792
Frank West 83561942

Slot Machine Passwords

Press Square Under “LP2 Slot Machine” Roulette.

Effect Password
Black Shirt 63152256
Green shirt with WCP baseball cap t-shirt 18213092
LP2 T-Shirt From 4Gamer.net 25060016
LP2 T-Shirt From Famitsu Weekly Magazine 73154986
LP2 T-Shirt From famitsu.com 88020223
LP2 T-Shirt Pink 34297758
LP2 T-Shirt Yellow 96725729
Purple shirt with “D” logo and Japanese characters 71556463
Street Jack 12887439
Two color Shirt 65162980
White T-shirt (person holding Gatling Gun) 31354816
White T-shirt with blue sleeves (face) 26797358

Unlockable Weapons

Unlockable How to Unlock
Akrid Launcher Reach level 50 with Snow Pirate Elites
Energy Gun SP Reach level 70 with femme fatale
Fire Cracker Reach level 30 with Femme fatale
Flamethrower SP Reach Level 50 with the Snow Pirate Elites.
Gun Sword SP reach lvl 70 with the Rounders
Hand Cannon SP Reach level 50 with Rounder’s
Machine Gun SP Have a saved game file from the Lost Planet 2 demo.
Plasma Cannon SP Reach Level 50 with NEVEC.
Plasma Gun SP Get NEVEC Black Ops to Lv.30
Shotgun SP Reach level 50 with Femme fatale
Shuriken Reach level 30 with rounders
V-Device SP Achieve career level 70 with NEVEC