Tales of Arise Cheats and Tips


What Is Tales of Arise? (Tales of Arise Cheats and Tips)

Tales of Arise is the latest title in the long-running Tales series of fantasy RPGs. Initially, it was supposed to come out in 2020. However, it was delayed to September of 2021 because of internal quality issues as well as a desire to release it on more platforms. This seems to have paid off because Tales of Arise has been well-received for the most part.

What Are Some Tips for Tales of Arise?

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Explore Everything (Tales of Arise Cheats and Tips)

RPGs being RPGs, it should come as no surprise to learn that the player should explore everything. This is because there are a lot of chests and collectibles placed in concealed locations, meaning this extra effort can pay handsome rewards. In fact, the player should use their map to make sure that they haven’t missed any spots that can be checked out.

Don’t Sell Your Old Weapons (Tales of Arise Cheats and Tips)

It is common for people to sell their old weapons in RPGs. After all, once they have been obsoleted, there is no point to hanging on to them. However, the player should avoid doing this in Tales of Arise. This is because they are going to be crafting most of their weapons in this game. A fair number of them must be made using other weapons, so if the player don’t have either those weapons or the materials used to make those weapons on hand, they are going to need to backtrack for grinding if they want to make themselves stronger.

Don’t Get Too Stressed Out about Crafting Accessories Until Later

On a related note, the player can craft accessories as well. However, they shouldn’t get too stressed-out about crafting accessories until later in the game. This is because accessories will become obsolete at a rapid pace, meaning that they are going to need to do a lot of crafting if they want to keep themselves perfectly optimized at every point in the game. Moreover, the materials used to make them might be better-saved for making better accessories in the future.

Practice Your Dodges (Tales of Arise Cheats and Tips)

Tales of Arise is an action RPG. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this means that there are dodges, which the player should master sooner rather than later. They can muddle through fights with normal enemies even if they aren’t very good at dodging. However, the player can expect to struggle if they try to take on bosses without having mastered dodging. This is because they can’t expect to stagger bosses with their combos, meaning that a well-timed dodge is their one real defensive option against a devastating attack. For that matter, a well-timed dodge can provide other benefits such as a moment of invulnerability plus a chance for a counterattack.

Check Out the Strategy Menu

It is a good idea to check out the Strategy menu, which determines how the AI-controlled characters will behave under certain circumstances. At the very least, the player should adjust things so that low-health characters will stay away from enemies rather than continue rushing in. Something that can eliminate a fair amount of suicidal behavior on their part.