New World Cheats and Tips


What Is New World? (New World Cheats and Tips)

In 2016, Amazon Games revealed that it was working on not one, not two, but three games for the PC. Two of those three games have since been cancelled. However, the third called New World has now been released worldwide. It is a MMORPG, though a somewhat unusual one in that it uses a buy-to-play business model.

What Are Some Tips for New World?

Here are some tips that might prove useful for New World:





Your Armor Affects Your Weight (New World Cheats and Tips)

The player’s weight affects how well they can dodge as well as otherwise move. Due to this, there is a real trade-off to putting on heavy armor because its weight will be included in the player-character’s weight. If the player wants to rely on their toughness, they should feel free to put on that heavy armor. In contrast, if the player wants to rely on their mobility, they might be better-off going without it.

You Can Use Whatever Weapons You Want (New World Cheats and Tips)

New World doesn’t have a class system. As a result, the player isn’t restricted to a limited selection of weapons based on their class. Instead, they can choose the pair of weapons that are best-suited to their particular preferences. Generally speaking, it is a good idea for the player to choose a pair of weapons that can cover a wider range of circumstances rather than double-up on weapons that are good for the same kind of content.

Keep Durability Loss in Mind (New World Cheats and Tips)

Annoyingly, the game has durability. Essentially, equipment will take some durability loss whenever it sees use as well as whenever the player-character has been killed. As such, if the player doesn’t keep the durability of their equipment in mind, they could see their equipment break at a very inopportune moment. Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult to keep equipment in good condition. It is possible for the player to buy repair kits if needed. Alternatively, they can salvage useless equipment to get repair parts, which can be either used on their own or turned into repair kits.

Start Crafting Sooner Rather than Later

It is a good idea for the player to start crafting sooner rather than later. Yes, it is most possible when it has been maxed out. However, crafting can provide people with better equipment than what they can acquire through other sources even before that point. For that matter, if the player is planning on using ranged weapons, they are going to want to craft their ammunition rather than buy their ammunition.

You Can Get Bonuses in Territories Where You Spend a Lot of Time

People can build up their standing in a particular territory by doing things there. Every time they level up in this regard, they will be able to pick up new benefits that will kick in whenever they are there. One example would be increased experience, while another example would be faster gathering speed. As such, a player who makes good use of these benefits can expect more productive sessions than someone who can’t be bothered with them.