Hot Wheels Unleashed Cheats and Tips


What Is Hot Wheels Unleashed? (Hot Wheels Unleashed Cheats and Tips)

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game that features vehicles from the Hot Wheels franchise. It is the first non-mobile game to be released for the franchise in quite some time. However, people should know that Hot Wheels Unleashed is made by Milestone, which is responsible for both the Ride series and the MotoGP series.

What Are Some Tips for Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Here are some tips that might prove useful:





There Are a Couple of Ways that You Can Boost

There are a couple of ways that the player can boost. The one that is available to them is based on the vehicle that they are driving. Some vehicles have boost bars, meaning that the player can boost so long as the boost bar still has something in it. Meanwhile, other vehicles have boost pips, which can be spent for the same purpose.

Take Advantage of Opportunities to Earn Boost

The player should take advantage of opportunities to earn boost. For example, if they see a corner, they should use a drift to navigate it while earning boost. Similarly, if they see boost pads, they should drive over them to earn boost. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the player should take every single opportunity to earn boost. If doing so will take them out of their way, they should just focus on their racing instead.

There Are Shortcuts (Hot Wheels Unleashed Cheats and Tips)

Some of the tracks have shortcuts. Often-times, the player will be racing on the environment rather than the track pieces placed upon the environment. The track will still be marked out using cones. However, there are places where the player will be able to ignore them in order to take a shortcut. It is a good idea to discover these places sooner rather than later, particularly if people are planning to challenging the toughest time trial stages. This is because the people behind the game seem to have intended for players to use shortcuts, meaning that they are the best way to get good results in those stages.

Pay Attention to Weight Distribution (Hot Wheels Unleashed Cheats and Tips)

Milestone has mentioned modeling things in Hot Wheels Unleashed as faithfully as possible. This includes the weight distribution of the vehicles, which is important because that means that different vehicles can behave in very different ways under the same circumstances. For instance, top-heavy vehicles are more prone to flipping over when they run into something at speed, so that is something that the player should watch out for.

Be Careful Around the Bosses (Hot Wheels Unleashed Cheats and Tips)

The bosses can come with unique hazards, so it is a good idea to be careful about them. For example, the Scorpion sees parts of the track covered with poison, which will eat up accumulated boost. Meanwhile, the Terrordactyl has tornadoes, the Yeti has patches of ice, and the Haunted House will have ghosts cluttering up the tracks. Unsurprisingly, the player won’t enjoy it if they run into any of these things.

Upgrade with Care

Upgrades can be very useful for maximizing the performance of vehicles. However, the player needs to be careful with their upgrades because this can sometimes make for massive changes in the upgraded vehicle. To name an example, upgrades can sometimes change the way that the vehicle uses boost, which can be irritating if the player has a strong preference for the pre-upgrade system.