4 game genres to enjoy with crypto


4 game genres to enjoy with crypto

Many people invest in crypto because of its massive potential. They are valuable assets that can be used in several ways like investing and purchasing. Aside from their formal uses, they are now used for entertainment purposes as well. 


With the help of technology, people realize that they can also use their crypto to play their favourite games. As a reliable digital asset, there are a lot of players who discovered that playing with crypto is worthwhile. This is even made better as more game developers introduce a lot of exciting games. 


These games fall under different styles and each of them can help players grow their money. Here are some of the popular game genres that can be played with crypto. 

Online crypto slots 

There are a lot of online casinos that can be seen on the online platform and many of them are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as one of their accepted payment methods. On these sites, players are given the chance to choose among crypto slots or live dealer games. 


Bitcoin slot games are the most abundant and the most popular game choice on online crypto casinos. Similar to regular slot games, these are also from game providers, and they each fall under different themes. These can also be enjoyed easily since they only need a few clicks to start playing.

Role-playing games (RPG) 

This game genre is perfect for those who prefer something more challenging. Games that fall under this category lead players on challenging adventures as they take on the role of the main heroes. These games also test the players’ skills through quests and objectives. 


There are several RPGs that are played with cryptocurrencies. Here are some of them. 


  • Lost Relics 
  • The Six Dragons
  • 9 Lives Arena


Sandbox is another popular game genre that a lot of players can enjoy with cryptocurrencies. These games give players the freedom to use their creativity while meeting several objectives. 


The most popular crypto game that falls under this genre is The Sandbox. This game gives players the chance to build their world and explore with their customized items. They can also earn the game’s native currency called SAND which can be traded on several gaming platforms. 


There are racing games that allow players to compete with other players when it comes to speed. Racing is a popular game genre that has also been adapted to the blockchain gaming scene for its thrill and fun. When players can speed up their cars even more and go past other racers, they can earn more. 


Several blockchain-based games fall under this genre. Here are some of them. 


  • Crypto Racing 
  • REVV Racing 
  • 0xRacers 


Aside from the aforementioned game genres, several other game styles can be enjoyed when playing with crypto. Whether players may be fond of playing crypto slots or the other game