Shank 2 Cheats


Shank 2 Cheats


Unlock Evil in survival mode

At the character select screen, input the following: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. The character named Evil will then be unlocked for usage. The character disappears after quitting the game, so the code has to be re-entered when the player wishes to use him again.


Completing the conditions for certain medals will unlock characters. These characters can be used in survival modes and have different stats, however these differences do not carry over if they are used in story mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Boogie Buy everything in survival mode
Bubbles Stay alive for 15 conecutive survival waves
Cesar Kill someone with a kitchen sink
Chop Chop 60 pistol counter kills
Classic Shank Kill a goon by throwing a bomber
Defender 100 turret kills
Falcone Complete Campaign on hard
Hobo Defeat all waves of any survival map
Horror Reach the zombie wave in each Survival map
Junior Kill 50 enemies with the fire trap
Kats Execute 100 grenade kills
Rex Complete campaign on normal difficulty
Rin Perform 20 bat counter kills
Sunshine Purchase any item in survival mode