Back 4 Blood Cheats and Tips


What Is Back 4 Blood? (Back 4 Blood Cheats and Tips)

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative online FPS. It is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead because it is made by the same people. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that Back 4 Blood has plenty of zombies.

What Are Some Tips for Back 4 Blood?

Here are some suggestions that might prove useful:





Stick Together (Back 4 Blood Cheats and Tips)

Players should stick together as much as possible because there is safety in numbers. After all, four players in close cooperation can put up much more of a fight than one player on their own, which isn’t even mentioning the potential for synergies between them. On top of that, team-mates can share ammunition, heal each other, and lend a helping hand to one another through other ways. In contrast, if someone gets jumped by a group of zombies while they are separated from the rest of their team, well, suffice to say that their chances of survival are going to plummet.

Use Chokepoints and High Ground (Back 4 Blood Cheats and Tips)

The zombies are always going to be more numerous. Due to this, it is a good idea for players to use chokepoints, high ground, and other useful terrain to shift the odds in their favor as much as possible. For example, chokepoints limit the number of directions from which enemies can approach, thus making it much easier to take them on. This is particularly true when players have suitable weapons for taking out entire groups of zombies that have been forced to clump up. Meanwhile, fighting from the high ground makes it easier for players to see everything that they are fighting, thus empowering them to make better choices than otherwise possible. Moreover, high ground will force the zombies to climb up, which can buy them precious time.

Watch Out for Traps (Back 4 Blood Cheats and Tips)

Traps call in zombie hordes when they are triggered. There are four main kinds. First, there are birds, which can be handled a couple of ways. One, players should avoid either moving in their direction or shooting in their direction. Two, players can try to take out the entire lot with either a grenade or something similar. Moving on, there are both alarm doors and car alarms. Generally speaking, alarm doors will be easier to handle because they are marked out by warning signs. However, if players don’t have a choice but to go through them, one potential course of action would be shooting close to the alarm door to lure in zombies that will break it down for them.

Meanwhile, car alarms give away less indication of their presence. Even worse, if the cat gets shot, the car alarm will go off. Due to this, players should avoid shooting even in the direction of the car, though there will be times when this is unavoidable. As for the fourth kind of trap, those would be the Snitches, which can be recognized by the small, glowing lights in their heads. Sneaking past them is best. If that isn’t possible, players need to take them out with a single shot using something powerful. Otherwise, Snitches will call in more zombies.