Sonic CD Cheats


Sonic CD Cheats


Sound Test Codes

Entering the following numbers in the Sound Test to access these messages (You will need Sound test Unlocked in Extras): (Codes work with both Japanese and American sound tracks)

Effect Code
“Batman” Sonic PCM 04 DA 21
Cute Sonic PCM 11 DA 09
Dj Mc Sonic PCM 03 DA 01
New Dusty Desert Concept Art PCM 32 DA 08
Secret Special Stage PCM 07 DA 07
Tails – See you Next Game PCM 12 DA 11
That Freaky Sonic One PCM 12 DA 25

Unlock Tails

Unlockable How to Unlock
Miles “Tails” Prower as a playable character Beat the game once

Unlockable Extras

In Time Trial mode having your total time under a certain amount will unlock the following extra modes.

Unlockable How to Unlock
D.A. Garden Have a total time less than 37’00 in Time Trials
Sound Test Have a total time less than 4’00 in Special Stage Time Trials
Special Stage Time Trials Have a total time less than 30’00 in Time Trials
Stage Select Have a total time less than 5’00 in Special Stage Time Trials
Visual Mode Have a total time less than 25’00 in Time Trials

Debug Mode

To enable debug mode first unlock the sound test via special stage time trials, when in the sound test enter PCM 12 DA 11 and a picture of tails will pop up. After this simply press any button to return to the main menu and start a game and you’ll be in debug mode (Debug mode only works in the normal game and stage select, if you play a level in time trial mode Debug will be disabled and you will have to re-enable it). Controls for debug are as follows, Circle: Enable/Disable item mode, Square/Triangle: Place object while in item mode, X: Cycle through objects while in item mode.