NHL 22 Cheats and Tips


What Is NHL 22? (NHL 22 Cheats and Tips)

NHL 22 is the newest installment in the long-running ice hockey series. It has a number of interesting differences when compared with its predecessors. For example, NHL 22 features the Seattle Kraken, which are a new expansion team. Similarly, it uses the Frostbite engine rather than the Ignite engine. Still, NHL 22 is a title in the NHL series, meaning that it remains quite familiar in a lot of respects.

What Are Some Tips for NHL 22?

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There Are Three Control Options (NHL 22 Cheats and Tips)

There are three control options in NHL 22. For those who are curious, these are Classic NHL 94, Hybrid, and Skill Stick. Both Classic NHL 94 and Skill Stick are exactly what they sound like, meaning that a good player can get much more value out of the latter. As for Hybrid, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is a mix of the two. There is nothing wrong with playing using either Classic NHL 94 or Hybrid. However, the player should try to move on to Skill Stock sooner rather than later if they want to be the best that they can be.

Stick to Simple Plays (NHL 22 Cheats and Tips)

It can be very satisfying to pull off a beautiful play. However, those tend to be rather high-risk. Instead, it is best for people to stick to simple, low-risk plays. This might not be very exciting, but this is nonetheless the best method for interested individuals to increase their chances of success.

Speed Can Be Very Useful (NHL 22 Cheats and Tips)

Speaking of which, simple doesn’t mean slow. If anything, having some faster players on the roster is very useful. This is because they can break through their opposition with much greater ease, thus increasing the chances of a 2 vs. 1 scoring opportunity happening. There is no magical method for certain success in this game. However, the player can do a great deal to increase their scoring by putting themselves in as many advantageous situations as possible.

Cycle the Puck

If the player doesn’t see a clear way to attack, they should consider cycling the puck, which means passing it from team-mate to team-mate in the offensive zone. Essentially, the idea is maintain the initiative so that the opponent remains the one who has to react. Something that can open up opportunities if they make a mistake. However, the player needs to be careful when cycling the puck. If they pass it too close to a defender, they could wind up losing it. As such, the player should continue thinking about the best places to send the puck rather than just cycle it in a mindless manner.

Shooting the Puck Is Better than Losing the Puck

Even if the player is far from the other team’s net, shooting the puck is better than losing the puck. The chances of a goal are very low. However, if the goalie fails to prevent the puck from rebounding, there is a chance for another player to take it before making another shot at a much closer distance. Of course, a bit of setup can increase the chances of this happening, which is one more reason to plan ahead in this game.