Tales of Graces f Cheats


Tales of Graces f Cheats


Charm Duplication Glitch (JP/KO/AS Versions Only)

This glitch will get you an infinite amount of Checks (AKA Charms) of any kind. The trick is to sell them so you can quickly max out your Gald and Stamp Cards (which is good for early Rare weapons and armor). Follow these steps:

– Choose a Check to duplicate (e.g. Curse Check). Have a total of 3, and equip them all.
– Choose a Check to sacrifice (e.g. Poison Check). Have a total of 2.
– Go into your Dualize menu.
– For item #1, select an equipped Curse Check.
– For item #2, select the 2 Poison Checks, and dualize them all at once.
– Exit to the shop menu, and go to Sell.
– You will have 255 Curse Checks.
– PROFIT: You can sell up to 127 of them at a time. Your supply will immediately revert back to 255.

The glitched stock of 255 will remain in effect if you leave the shop, but there are 2 ways to correct it:
– In the shop menu, sell over 127 of them. (Note: Negative values expend Gald).
– Remove an equipped Curse Check.

(Note 1: You can have another character equip a Curse Check, and reduce the supply to 254 without disabling the glitch.)
(Note 2: This glitch can be done with different quantities than listed here, but 3:2 is the minimum. 4:3 is also possible; you just need to have one less Check than the type you want to duplicate.)


Unlockable How to Unlock
Asbel – Formal In Barona catacombs—the area where Sophie “died” while as kids. Examine the altar for a Model Boat. Turn this in to the maid in Lhant Manor.
Asbel – Swimsuit Found in a pot in Oul Raye (port town in Strahta)
Asbel – Yuri (Vesperia Cameo) Beat the Carta Guy in easy mode without letting him score a single point.
Cheria – Formal In Barona castle, one of the rooms has an item needed for a request at Katz village. Turn the item in for her costume.
Cheria – Rita (Vesperia Cameo) Beat the Carta Guy in hard mode without letting him score a single point.
Cheria – Swimsuit Examine the right-hand desk behind the item shop owner in Sable Izolle to buy this for 100,000 gald.
Hubert – Formal Behind the Strahta Valkines is a chest. Turn the item in the chest in at Katz village.
Hubert – Swimsuit Inside the Rockgagon. Find the watermelon enemy for the costume. You can then exit out the butt.
Malik – Formal At the end of Bathus Citadel on Fodra.
Malik – Swimsuit At one of the gates to Yu Liberte is a man with a sub event smiley over his head. Talk to him.
Pascal – Formal Head East of Oul Raye. Eventually you’ll encounter a group of enemies and a scene.
Pascal – Swimsuit you need the Amarcian key from a chest in the Bathus Citadel. Go to where her formal costume was. On the first screen, defeat the enemy wearing it.
Sophie – Formal Go to coordinates X334.633 : Y180.499 on the world map, and talk to one of the turtlez (should be the middle one)
Sophie – Patty (Vesperia Cameo) Beat the Carta Guy in normal mode without letting him score a single point.
Sophie – Swimsuit Strahta Cryas ruins. There’s an enemy along the West path from the save point.

Grade Shop

After completing the game, make a new file for your save data. Access the Extras Menu from the Main Menu and choose New Game +.. You will be able to access the Grade Shop where you can buy extra stuff that affects your next game with the Grade Points you received upon completing the game.

Unlockable How to Unlock
1/2 Experience 10 Grade
2x Critical 30 Grade
2x Damage 30 Grade
2x Experience 90 Grade
2x Gald 70 Grade
2x Item Drops 120 Grade
2x SP 200 Grade
3x SP 1000 Grade
5x Damage 150 Grade
5x Experience 400 Grade
Chain Capacity +1 30 Grade
Chain Capacity +2 250 Grade
Dualize Discount 100 Grade
Expand Inventory 100 Grade
Inherit Arte Usage 50 Grade
Inherit Battle Items 60 Grade
Inherit Books 10 Grade
Inherit Carta Cards 200 Grade
Inherit Eleth Mixer 70 Grade
Inherit Gald 270 Grade
Inherit Herb Bonuses 70 Grade
Inherit Shards 90 Grade
Inherit Skills 2500 Grade
Inherit Stamps 30 Grade
Inherit Titles 30 Grade
Mastery Bonus 20 Grade
Maximum Eleth +500 100 Grade
Maximum HP +1000 150 Grade
Maximum Speed 50 Grade
Skip Childhood 10 Grade
Trade EXP for Gald 50 Grade
Unlock Qualities 50 Grade
Upgrade Eleth Mixer 50 Grade