Tom Clancy's HAWX Cheats


Tom Clancy’s HAWX Cheats



The pre-order codes are the same for all copies of the game, rather than unique codes. To use them, go to the hangar screen, then enter the following.

Effect Code
Unlocks A-12 Avenger II (HOLD L2) square, L1, square, R1, triangle, square
Unlocks F-18 HARV (HOLD L2) L1, triangle, L1, triangle, L1, square
Unlocks FB-22 (HOLD L2) R1, square, R1, square, R1, triangle

Unlockable Aircrafts

Complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding aircraft.

Unlockable How to Unlock
A-10A Thunderbolt II Complete mission 16
A-6A Intruder Reach level 07
A-7B Corsair II Reach level 03
AV-8B Harrier II Reach level 08
EA-6B Prowler Reach level 13
EF-111A RAVEN Reach level 04
Eurofighter Typhoon Complete mission 14
F-117 Nighthawk Complete mission 13
F-14A Tomcat Complete Mission 08
F-14B Bombcat Complete mission 12
F-14D SuperTomcat Reach level 24
F-15 Active Complete mission 04
F-15C Eagle Complete mission 10
F-15E StrikeEagle Reach level 25
F-16A Fighting Falcon Complete Mission 09
F-16C Fighting Falcon Reach level 30
F-2 Reach level 06
F-20 Tigershark Reach level 11
F-22 Raptor Complete mission 17
F-4G AdvancedWildWeasel Complete mission 02
F-5A Freedom Fighter Reach level 05
F-5E Tiger II Reach level 15
F35 JSF Complete mission 19
FA-18 RC Reach level 12
FA-18C Hornet Reach level 27
FA-18E SuperHornet Complete mission 11
Jaguar Reach level 22
Mig-25 Foxbat Reach level 02
Mig-29 Fulcrum Complete mission 03
Mig-33 SuperFulcrum Complete mission 07
MIRAGE 2000 C Reach level 09
MIRAGE 2000-5 Reach level 23
MIRAGE 5 Complete mission 06
MIRAGE F1 Reach level 14
MIRAGE III Reach level 21
MIRAGE IV P Reach level 16
Rafale C Complete mission 15
Saab-35 Draken Go to “Exclusive Content” within the Extras Menu. Create an Ubisoft account and select “Saab-35 Draken”.
Saab-39 Gripen Reach level 33
Su-25 Frogfoot Complete mission 01
Su-27 Flanker Complete mission 05
Su-32 FN Reach level 26
Su-34 Fullback Reach level 32
Su-35 SuperFlanker Reach level 34
Su-37 Terminator Reach level 36
Su-47 Berkut Reach level 40
X-29 Reach level 31
XA-20 Razorback Go to “Exclusive Content” within the Extras Menu. Create an Ubisoft account and select “XA-20 Razorback”.
YF-12A Reach level 17
YF-17 Cobra Complete mission 18
YF-23 Black Widow II Reach level 35