Football Manager 2022 Cheats and Tips


Football Manager 2022 Cheats and Tips


Pay Attention To Dynamics

The Dynamics tab gives detailed information on the morale, hierarchy, and social groups of first-team players. This may initially seem like something that the manager can overlook. However, it can be the thing that makes and breaks their career at the club. An unhappy set of players will start to show their displeasure on the pitch, which can lead a manager straight to the sack.

Before making any key decisions regarding players, the manager should have a thorough look at their Dynamics tab, particularly at the hierarchy section. A disagreement with a Team Leader could spell disaster.

Be Patient In The Transfer Market (Football Manager 2022 Cheats and Tips)

The transfer window is one of the most exciting times in any Football Manager game, as it gives the manager the chance to sell any disgruntled or underperforming players. Meanwhile, they can splash the cash on better players who suit the manager’s style.

Consequently, many new managers have a tendency to rush in the transfer market. This can be a fatal error, as a poor transfer window can significantly harm a team’s progress for years to come. To avoid this, managers should ensure that any signings are thoroughly scouted, and ensure that they don’t overspend.





Utilize Individual Training (Football Manager 2022 Cheats and Tips)

When first joining a team, or trying to teach a pre-existing set of players a new style of play, it is important to work with the players in training. Thankfully, Football Manager 22 makes this easy, as there is a specific page dedicated to individual player instructions.

The individual training tab lets the manager train their players into a new position, alter their training intensity, or even instruct them to work on a specific skill.

Avoid Teams With Financial Issues

One thing that is synonymous with the Football Manager series is the excitement of taking a struggling team to trophy-winning glory. Although achievements such as this are among the game’s most satisfying moments, it’s often a bridge too far for beginners, and attempting it can potentially put them off the game if things get too tricky.

This is particularly the case when new managers take charge of a team in financial difficulty, as the side can soon find itself suffering from a plethora of issues, which will often be no fault of the manager. Picking a team in financial trouble is Football Manager 22‘s equivalent of a “hard mode,” so new managers should put the challenge off until they’re more accustomed to the game.

Watch Extended Highlights

With all of the stats and data available to managers in Football Manager 22, some find it tempting to speed through matches, only watching replays of the goals. Although the data available in the game can paint a good picture of each match, it’s still worth watching a good chunk of each game, as managers will often spot pros and cons about their side that the data doesn’t show.

It’s also worth pointing out that the default camera angle can be quite restricting. It may be worth switching it to Sideline, which offers a better tactical view.