Demon Turf Cheats and Tips


Demon Turf Cheats and Tips


Planning Your Platforming

Beebz, the main character in the game, has a massive arsenal of maneuvers, similar to that of Mario from his 3d outings. During your time playing you will have to get to grips with the likes of jumping, double jumping, spin jumping, wall jumping, plus many others. While these may not sound that unique, the controls in Demon Turf take some getting used to since they aren’t always that responsive.

There are many tight platforming sections in this game and one wrong move could mean you are sent back to your last checkpoint. The best tip to keep in mind is that you can do a regular jump, followed by a spin, followed by another jump to get the most distance.

Explore Every Nook And Cranny

Demon Turf is a substantial game with many large areas to explore. While you might be tempted to just head to the next world to complete the stage to get the ever-important batteries, it’s highly encouraged to explore every inch of the game world.

Through exploring you can find quirky characters to talk to, minigames to play such as demon soccer, and locations for photography quests. Also, once you are in a stage, you can press down on the left thumbstick on a controller to point you in the direction of the collectible cake pieces.





Understanding Your Attack Abilities

Combat in Demon Turf is unlike most other similar platformers. In other 3d platformers you generally encounter baddies all over a stage and you either jump on them or punch them. However, in Demon Turf, combat only takes place in designated combat zones.

Beebz attacks via these power punches that shoot out from her hands but can also be charged up for a much stronger pushback attack Alternatively, Beebz can do a spin attack to stun enemies. You can acquire items down the line such as a grapple to pull shields off the enemies for easy attacks. Basically, get used to trying new combat strategies to stay alive longer.

Prioritize Mods For Beebz

One of the most useful and enjoyable parts of Demon Turf is actually really easy to miss. You can interact with a mummy character in Forktown named Nubi. Nubi offers Beebz mods in return for the cake piece collectibles you find in each stage. Each stage generally has three for you to find.

Mods in Demon Turf work similar to badges in the Paper Mario series, whereby each one has a specific cost and you can equip as many as you would like up until the cost bar is filled up. Also, Nubi offers a training area so you can try out each mod prior to purchasing it. The best ones to get early on are triple jump and faster movement.