Battlefield 2042 Cheats and Tips


Battlefield 2042 Cheats and Tips


Use the Medic Class

The Medic Specialist is regarded as one of the premier choices, as not only will you be able to revive allies who are down on the ground.

But, you’re also able to use a healing gun, that can be used on either yourself or other players!

Learn to Fly

Flying on keyboard and mouse is one of the trickiest mechanics to master within Battlefield, so if you have a controller we highly recommend plugging it in for flying only.

If you’re a competent piolet, then it’ll be a breeze taking down enemies from the sky.

Play Aggressive, With Your Squad

Battlefield’s maps are absolutely massive and if you’re playing breakthrough you’re not going to want to push into enemy territory all by yourself, as that’s a death wish.

So, when we mean play aggressive we mean with your team, as overwhelming your enemies with numerous forces is going to be the key to taking an objective.

If you get outnumbered you’ll give up free kills and have no-one to revive you.





Adapt with attachments

If you spawn on a contested objective in Conquest, you might need attachments that make your gun snappier, so that you fire faster and can quickly swivel between enemies and rip through their defense. However, those attachments might not serve you well when travelling towards the next objective, as enemies might be further away.

Battlefield has always been about choosing a playstyle and playing that role to perfection. However, Battlefield 2042 continues to bring a sledgehammer to that formula, and the ability to change attachments on the fly is a key part of the new system. When you spawn, you can take multiple scopes, barrels, grips, and ammo types onto the battlefield. As the situation changes, you can swap out attachments, making it easier than ever to adapt to new challenges. If enemies are suddenly further away, use a scope with a higher zoom and an extended barrel to make your gun better-suited to long-range encounters.

Use vehicles and drones to level up faster

Battlefield 2042 has plenty of weapons to try out, and whilst the early unlocks are good, some of the best weapons are locked until you reach a higher level. However, leveling up in Battlefield 2042 can take a while.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to level up faster in Battlefield 2042. As always, sharing vehicles with allies should earn you lots of extra XP, as you get assists for any kills earned by someone in the vehicle. This is especially useful if you are in a chopper or tank that has a turret. Simply drive into an objective and let your teammates rip enemies to pieces with your mounted turrets.

You can also earn lots of assist XP by using a certain Specialist. Casper has a unique Recon Drone gadget that you can use to mark enemies. When allies kill enemies marked by your drone, it counts as an assist. If you use the Drone in a busy objective, you can mark enemies for your allies and rake in ridiculous amounts of XP, helping you level up extremely quickly and making it easier for your teammates to push objectives. You can also use the Drone’s EMP shot to disable enemy vehicles, which could net you some easy kills and even more XP by destroying jets and helicopters.

Change your FOV

Last but not least, and we can’t recommend this enough, change your FOV as soon as you jump into a match. It’ll make seeing enemies a lot easier, and you’ll thank us for this later down the line.