Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Cheats and Tips


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Cheats and Tips


Choose the best starter

Players have different reasons for why they choose their starter. For example, some prefer the cutest one, the one with the coolest end evolution, or they choose the one that coincides with the element type they like most.

For an easy playthrough: If you’re new to Pokémon or it’s been a while, and you’re not sure which one to choose, I suggest getting the Fire Type Chimchar as your starter. There aren’t as many Fire Type Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, so he is very helpful to have. Granted, the first gym will be a challenge since Rock is its weakness, but if you level it up until it evolves, Monferno’s fighting attacks will make quick work of Roark’s Pokémon.

Build the best team by knowing the Pokémon Type-system

As with previous Pokémon games, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl uses the Pokémon Type chart. Every Pokémon has specific strengths and weaknesses, and some are even immune to specific attack types. After you’ve beaten a Pokémon for the first time, you’ll be able to tell if your Pokémon’s attacks are “Effective” or “Not very effective” when battling them.

It’s good to have a versatile team that covers a wide range of Types. But swapping out your Pokémon team for those with a better edge against gym leaders is also a clever tactic.





Hide the Pokétch

Hold down the R button on your Switch to make the Pokétch go away. That way your view will be less cluttered. You can do the same to bring it back up again.

Talk to everyone

Throughout the Pokémon games, random NPCs have always given out valuable healing items or even TMs and HMs. So talk to everyone you meet, and you’ll be sure to get any freebies they’re offering.

Trade with others

The core Pokémon games have always had version exclusives, so if you’re hoping to “Catch ’em all,” you must trade with someone who has a different version than you. In addition, some Pokémon, like Haunter, don’t even evolve unless they’re traded.