MARVEL Future Revolution Cheats and Tips


MARVEL Future Revolution Cheats and Tips


Equip As Much As Possible

Since the game is an open-world RPG, there’s the distinct element of armor sets and other wearables that the characters have access to. Players should equip whatever they find as each wearable will boost their base stats by quite a margin. Players will start out with few wearables, and they should use them immediately as it will make the first few stages of the game much easier.

Better equipment and wearables such as suits will be found throughout the world as players explore and complete missions. In the character customization menu, players will find a red dot on wearables that can be swapped for something better.

Level Multiple Characters

Squad Rank in Marvel: Future Revolution can only be increased if all the characters in the player’s team are leveling up. It’s quite easy for players to have some amount of bias against a single character and use them as the squad leader. In such a scenario, the level of that particular character might increase. However, the Squad Rank will not. Online RPGs such as this require the player to be more inclusive.

Players have to play with characters that suit their playstyles, and ones that they can adjust properly with. Choose the characters wisely, as the only way to remove the characters, later on, is to spend actual money to get them removed. Playing and dividing time amongst all the characters is essential.





Spend Wisely on Abilities

Abilities in Marvel: Future Revolution can be an expensive affair. After the player levels up their squad, various upgrades can be unlocked that have to be bought with gold. After upgrading a particular ability multiple times, variants of the same ability also come into play. To use these variants, players have to buy them with a substantial amount of gold.

It is recommended that players explore their characters properly and understand which abilities can be useful to their playstyle. Once they figure out what works for them at a personal level, they can choose and buy the variants that will come in useful.

Do Not Autoplay

Since Marvel: Future Revolution does require a fair bit of grinding, autoplay is an easy way to go – especially without supervision. This may work at the early stages of the game, where the missions are lackluster and the enemies are easier. However, players will face difficulties in the latter half of the game when they have to face bosses such as Ultron.

Auto-play reduces the actual involvement of the player, thus resulting in bad performances and rusty playstyles. A world such as Midgardia is so difficult to play through that it requires the player to be alert and supervise their in-game actions at all times. It’s better for players to understand basic combat, or supervise their auto-play properly before proceeding to the later stages.