The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Cheats

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Cheats For Fishing


Craft A Fishing Rod

Fishing rods can be found throughout Skyrim, but the easiest way to get it is by finding the fishing spot in Helgen. However, players can also craft a fishing rod at any anvil. Just like any other craftable item, it needs raw materials; in this case, five Iron Ingots and one piece of Firewood.

Iron Ingot can be found in iron mines such as Embershard Mine, Halted Stream Camp, Iron-Breaker Mine, and Left Hand Mine. Firewood can be collected from Highpoint Tower and Volkihar Dungeons. Fishing with a well-crafted fishing rod can make the experience a lot more satisfying than using washed-up equipment, so it’s worth finding materials.

Look For Ripples In The Water

Once the fishing rod is equipped, walk up to the fishing supplies, a small vessel with fish and bait kept near shallow waters, to start fishing. After casting a line into the water, look for ripples on the surface. These ripples are a good indication of schools of fish swimming around.

If there are no ripples at the fishing spot, it means there are fewer fish in the vicinity. Players can return to the spot after twenty-four hours for a better chance of catching fish.





Use The Clear Skies Shout To Get Rid Of Mist

Since fishing on a clear and bright day can heighten the chances of reeling in more fish, players can use the shout Clear Skies to disperse snow and rain present in many of the terrains in Skyrim. All the three words of power can be obtained by the Dragonborn by finishing the quest “Alduin’s Wall.”

The Greybeards will grant the Clear Skies shout to players after exiting Sky Haven Temple, and the Dovahkiin first uses Clear Skies to suppress the wind barrier between High Hrothgar and the Throat of the World.

Make It Rain With The Storm Call Shout

Unlike Carp, Glassfish can be found when the weather is pouring. Players running through dry and sunny fields can make it rain by using the Storm Call shout. The Dragonborn can create thunderstorms with heavy downpours with the shout. Storm Call is also able to create lightning strikes, which have a small chance of hitting fish in the stream.

Players can learn the Storm Call shout at the Skuldafn ruins. Skuldafn can only be visited once in the game, and skipping the ruins will make it impossible to obtain Storm Call for the rest of the game. Don’t leave here without learning the shout!

Breed Fish In A Hatchery

Those wanting to earn coins from their fishing can breed fish in a hatchery, which can be crafted at the homestead of Windstad Manor. Constructing a fish hatchery requires three Sawn Logs, three pieces of Quarried Stones, and four Nails.

After the hatchery has been crafted, any fish from Skyrim can be added to be bred. Once a fish has been added, new fish of that species are spawned over time. These fish can be harvested to craft potions, cook food, or to be sold to local merchants.