Choose The Class That Suits Your Preferred Playstyle

Like any decent RPG, you get to customize your character to suit your needs in Knights of the Old Republic. Choices include gender, attributes, skills, and feats. But easily the most important one you’ll need to make at the start of the game is what class you’d like to play as.

The Scoundrel is the smooth talker and typically favors stealth and long-ranged attacks. The Soldier is the ultimate warrior who favors brute force over stealth and words. The Scout acts as a best of both worlds, excelling in both combat and skill-based specializations. Progression through the game is governed by your chosen class, so it is important you consider how you’ll like to approach its various scenarios. That said, there are no wrong choices and half the fun is watching your character grow and evolve over the course of your playthrough.

Select The Right Attributes

While still creating your character, you are given 30 points to distribute between six key attributes: strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. Each one is explained in the menu, however, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the constitution attribute, since this determines your overall health and the amount of damage you can take.

You can choose to distribute the points evenly at this juncture because you’ll be given additional points each time you level up over the course of the game. If you find that you favor hand-to-hand combat or lightsaber duels then you’ll want to start putting points into strength. Conversely, if you prefer to take a more defensive stance and mainly deal ranged attacks, then dexterity is where it’s at. It is possible to build whatever type of character you like so long as you put points into the right attributes.





Learn The Right Skills

Another thing you’ll need to assign during the character creation process is your character’s skills. The available skills include computer use, demolitions, stealth, awareness, persuade, repair, security, and treat injury.

You are given a total of 8 skill points to distribute here, so focus on any skills that sound like something you might find yourself falling back on during your playthrough. For example, Treat Injury increases the amount of health that gets replenished each time you use a medpac, so it is worth considering if you’ll often be taking a less diplomatic approach. Most scenarios in the game have multiple solutions and the ones available to you are dependent on your character’s skills, so choose them wisely.

Save Often (Or Right Before Something Big Happens)

This should go without saying but you’ll really need to be mindful of when and how frequently you save in Knights of the Old Republic. Relying on the autosave feature means you don’t have any direct control over what points in the game you can jump back to.

Stay on the side of caution and create as many saves as you think you’ll need. Typically, you’ll want to save right before and after a major enemy encounter, or right before you need to decide how to tackle a particular objective. For example, you’re frequently asked to choose between multiple approaches to certain problems, with your chosen path determining your growing affinity towards either the Light or Dark Side of the Force. So having an older save to revert back to (preferably in another save slot) would certainly help if you don’t like the outcome, or you’re simply curious and would like to see what the alternative looks like.