Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Cheats and Tips


Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Cheats and Tips


How to Level Up Fast

There are three ways to level up your characters in Ruined King and that’s by completing main quests, side quests, and bounty boards. At lower levels, however, it’s best to focus on main and side quests until you reach level 7. If you’re having a tough time with these, you should search for Rest Points to bring enemies back to life, allowing you to gain extra XP from them.

What’s good about doing mostly main quests at the beginning is you hasten the process of recruiting more Champions as you progress in the story. Initially, you have Illaoi and Braum who are hybrid characters, which means that they mainly support allies and inflict debuffs rather than dealing great damage like Yasuo. Meanwhile, you can purchase Rumors or side quests from certain NPCs.

Once you hit level 7, you ought to start taking bounties, which are located in the Docks Harbor. Fighting against enemies that are more than three levels higher than you is difficult since the damage they deal is too high. You won’t be able to effectively counter the damage given your insufficient potions and upgrades. And finally, if you’re able to save some gold, I suggest buying food from vendors that allows you to gain 10% more XP after every combat encounter such as the Lippertick Apple Crumble in the Shadow Isles.

Actively Search for Rest Points

Rest Points have a lot of other functions and are represented as torches on the map. First, they replenish your health and mana, which are persistent in the game. As such, you can only fully restore them by drinking potions, taking rests, and leveling up. However, consuming potions is not the best way to do so since they’re scarce when you’re starting out so you’ll want to save them for challenging fights.

Second is that resting provides a means to switch Champions since you can only have three of them at any given time. And lastly, these checkpoints allow you to eat meals, which are essential buffs to help you thrive and endure in combat, particularly at higher difficulties. You can’t “use” food from your inventory, making it necessary to actively search for Rest Points.





Learn to Enchant and Infuse Gear

In order to enchant and infuse items, you need to gather different recipes and materials by killing enemies and looting chests. Enchanting grants specialized buffs to your weapons and armor. For instance, you can improve the Crit Rating of your pistol with Sharpness Weapon or raise the chances of dealing extra damage with Scorch. But you’ll need to farm for materials, which you can do by referring to the Bestiary section in the Menu. This shows information on creatures including where to find them as well as what their drops are.

Going back to our initial example for Sharpness Weapon, you have to obtain Hardened Leather, Broken Murk Wolf Fang, Murk Wolf Hide Scraps, and White Essence by hunting for the Wharf Rat Whelp in Bilgewater. Furthermore, you can’t stack enchantments so you won’t be able to add a Crit Rating and do extra damage on a single piece of equipment. On the other hand, infusing upgrades the rarity, and therefore the stats of your gear. For these, you’ll need to collect Essences from chests and enemies once again.

Note that performing either activity grants you a 100% chance of success if you supply all of the necessary materials. Now you may be wondering if you still need to upgrade equipment even if you acquire good-quality gear from quests or vendors. And the answer to this is yes because you’ll be able to enhance and customize their features the way you like it. Remember that vendors primarily sell uncommon equipment so you have the option to purchase them before undergoing enchantment and infusion as long as you own enough ingredients to do so.

Select Party Members Wisely

Since you can only bring three Champions with you, you need to choose them wisely depending on what they’re capable of doing in terms of dealing damage, healing allies, and acting as tanks. As such, you’ll be able to control the battlefield better because the responsibilities of your heroes are evenly spread out. For example, you can pair Illaoi and Yasuo with Pyke. Illaoi has the ability to heal while dealing decent damage with her tentacles whereas Yasuo can inflict massive critical damage.

She also has the potential to attack in quick succession thanks to her Guns Blazing Ability, which improves Haste. Meanwhile, Pyke deals damage over time with bleeding while also inflicting greater damage when he’s in Stealth Mode or when the enemy’s health is below a certain percentage. These types of synergies are vital to stay alive so you should consider them carefully. Alternatively, you can go with a Braum and Yasuo setup to absorb damage with a Shield and to deal massive Critical Damage. There are so many possibilities that you’re able to come up with since every Champion specializes in dealing a wide array of buffs and debuffs on top of the damage they inflict.

Lastly, prior to the start of an encounter, you ought to remember to use your Dungeon Ability. This allows you to gain an advantage because you’re able to instantly reduce the opponent’s health or impose a debuff.