Farming Simulator 22 Cheats and Tips


Farming Simulator 22 Cheats and Tips


You can flip land

  • Buy a field ready to harvest. Get the tools to harvest it, up to you if you buy or lease.
  • Harvest field and then sell the land.
  • You get the harvest. all your money back for land. Added bonus is the missions from npc to make that land ready for next harvest.
  • Cheasy, but not a real cheat.

Animals, especially cows are endgame

  • Easiest is chicken and sheeps.
  • Small frontloader with pallet fork needed.
  • Chickens need wheat (you can buy in store or harvest).
  • Sheep need grass and water, more equipment needed.
  • Mower, windrower, forage wagon.
  • For both a small cheap pickup truck can haul a pallet of eggs or wool to sell point.

Another chease, not a cheat

  • Missions: Look for several missions that need the same thing done.
  • Example: Herbicide spraying.
  • Three missions that need herbicide spraying.
  • You borrow the items on one mission, the biggest tool you can get and the other two missions without equipment.
  • Fill up the sprayer with herbicide and do all of them. Drive home to your farm and unload the remaining herbicide before you deliver missions.

Other tips and tricks you should know