Tandem: A Tale of Shadows Cheats and Tips


Tandem: A Tale of Shadows Cheats and Tips


Coordinate Movements Between Light And Shadow

Players can constantly switch between Emma and Fenton to coordinate their movements on each level. Emma can stroll past objects and obstacles in a top-down view, while Fenton can walk on shadows in a horizontal view.

Players must alternate between the two roles in tandem to find a way across spooky stages and bosses that give goosebumps. Emma carries a lantern to light the way in each stage. Find the right angles with the lantern to help Fenton get to levers and buttons that clear the path for Emma.

Find The Crystals With Fenton

A unique gameplay element of Tandem: A Tale of Shadows is that Fenton can walk on shadows to reach areas on the map inaccessible to Emma. Carefully position objects on the map with Emma to make way for Fenton to find crystals on each level.

While Emma can move physical objects to create paths for Fenton, the teddy bear can walk and jump on pedestals and platforms to obtain crystals. Watching Fenton pass the crystal to Emma is one of the most satisfying parts of the game.





Collect The Keys To Clear The Level

Each level is densely packed with distinct objects that block Emma at every turn. There are gates on each stage that needs a key to be unlocked. In order to open these gates, players must locate the keys that are hidden away in the map, and to do so must maneuver Emma around these obstacles.

Play as Fenton to navigate around the shadows and view the location of the keys. Be sure to activate any levers and buttons that can make the keys accessible to Emma. Players can’t proceed to the next level without unlocking the gates.

Unravel Dark Secrets in Kane’s Mansion

The morbid atmosphere of Kane’s Mansion makes Tandem: A Tale of Shadows mystifying to gamers. Uncovering hidden areas within the game can unveil details about Thomas Kane and his family that can shed light on his disappearance.

From secret exits to the spider’s den, players can explore Kane’s Mansion and dig deep into the dark sides of the couple that resides within. These secrets include the true face of Mrs. Kane, and the potions that Kane has concocted. Emma and Fenton can both discover different secrets on top-down and side-scroller views as they progress through the game.

Run For Cover

The game has several death-defying obstacles that stand in Emma’s way. While Emma can’t jump like Fenton can, she can certainly run to save her hide. Tandem: A Tale of Shadows is brimming with dangerous puzzles that can put Emma between a rock and a hard place.

For example, walking past fire chambers can put Emma at risk. Run past the blazing cannons and pause between the fire chambers to avoid being burnt to a crisp. Without running, butcher knives can cut short Emma’s escapades. The gas stove is another hurdle that forces Emma to watch her step and run at the right time to clear.